All About Me

My every day life

All About Me

People say my sisters Autumn and Alexandra and I get along well. I really do not know why they

assume that I consider myself very intelligent, sensitive, self - centered and opinionated. I feel confident about my future, but my parents have a daughter who is in love with track and field.

I picture myself needing more guidance on having a growth mindset.Even though I know I set a helpful example for people older and younger than me.One day I hope to see God.

Ever since I remember 22810 Shadow Glen Drive Peculiar Missouri has been my home. When people put me down I’m afraid I won’t reach my goal, but when I get on that track and jump on that field I know ALL eyes are on me. One day I hope to be a family doctor, have 8 children “maybe”, hopefully live in either Orlando, Florida, Dallas, Texas, or Los Angeles, California,

I know if I try, and work to my strengths I will pass the test, and when people put me down I will fall, but then I will rise back up again, and again. Because if you can dream it you can make it come true. All of those personalities I think people think of me make me 1 person, and if people criticize that to bad.

My name means God is my judge. So far as a 10 year old born on April 8th of 2003 I believe I have done pretty good. So look out world cause I’m coming, but don’t be scared cause I represent.