Stoller Weekly

August 21, 2020

Message From The Principal

Good morning Stoller families,

This newsletter will be the return to weekly communication with you. Although we will start the school year apart in Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL), we will continue to be an exceptional community. Our task as educators is to create a caring and inclusive environment that provides rigorous instruction and social-emotional support so that your children can reach their full potential. I understand that this is not how any of us want our children’s school experience to be; however, we need to prioritize the safety and health of students and our community. As we look to the first two weeks back as a staff, we will focus on getting ready for your students. We are currently planning welcome back videos for our 7th and 8th graders, as well as an orientation session via zoom for our 6th graders. Teachers will engage in professional development tailored to CDL (assessments, teaching & learning, grading, attendance, etc). More importantly, teachers are eager to meet their students. We will create systems to ensure that although we are apart, teachers can build relationships with students. There will be time dedicated so that staff can connect with students. Our goal as a staff is to make sure all students are engaged and participating.

There is still some logistics and guidance we are waiting on from T&L, but as soon as we have specific details (around grading, attendance, final schedule...etc), I will communicate this with you. Your student’s teacher will also communicate this information to you.

Finally, I know how important kick-off events are, especially for incoming 6th graders. We are working with the district and Dorian Studio to determine if it’s possible to have an event outside the school so students can take pictures, meet teachers...etc. However, because of state and OHA guidelines we may have to wait until after school starts. If we are able to coordinate some form of event I will send that information ASAP.

Here are some of the most important items you need to know for the next few weeks:

1. The success of your students is dependent on the school-home partnership more than ever before. Please set aside time during the weeks of September 7-18 to engage with us and with your student. This will be a critical time period for setting up a foundation to help your student be successful during CDL. The more you can learn and engage those two weeks, the better experience your students will have.

2. Parent Academy. The district and Stoller will be creating a parent learning session to help you learn Canvas, ParentVue, and other necessary tools to help you be informed and better able to support your student.

4. Cohorts. The ODE guidelines for cohorts is that they must be heterogeneous and must not disproportionately create groups of same demographic (race, gender, special education, socioeconomics, etc.) The cohorts for transportation are being set by the transportation department. The learning and attendance cohorts are being developed by student elective request and then balanced for other demographics. We will ask for minimal family input when we are ready to consider those needs and requests.

To Do Checklist for Parents

Important Dates

Monday, August 31, 2020 - Teachers return to school for professional development

Monday, September 7, 2020 - Labor Day

Week of September 8, 2020 - Parent Academy and teachers make connections with students and families

Tuesday, September 8, 2020 - 6th Grade Orientation/Welcome sessions 6pm & 7pm

Wednesday, September 9, 2020 - 7th & 8th Grade Welcome Video

Monday, September 14, 2020 - First Day of School - CDL

Online Verification

You must complete registration verification for each of your students. Click here to be directed to the site.

Return To School Information & FAQ

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School Supplies

Every year, schools publish suggested lists of school supplies for families to purchase. This year’s district-wide list takes into account the needs of at-home learning. We’re calling these supplies our “Student Success Kits.”

Student Success Kits for all

Earbuds, preferably with microphone

Pencils and pens

Spiral notebooks or composition books

Colored Markers

Glue stick

Additional item for elementary school students

Small dry-erase board with dry-erase marker

Additional items for middle & high school students

Black Sharpie


Free School Supplies

In conjunction with the Beaverton Education Foundation (BEF) and other community partners, we are attempting to raise funds to buy supplies for 16,000 Success Kits. If successful, these kits will be distributed to every student in our district who qualifies for free or reduced lunch during the first week of September. Distribution will occur at your home school; we’re working out the details of how to distribute to FLEX Online students. If you qualify, hold off on buying your school supplies.

We’ve already directed some funds from the BSD Community Resource Fund to this project. Can you help us reach our goal? If so, please consider donating to the BEF Back-to-School Equip Campaign.

Important News


As we begin the 20-21 school year, middle school students will receive a new Chromebook purchased through the 2014 bond. The devices have just arrived and IT staff are preparing the devices for exchange.

Due to the amount of work necessary to prepare the devices for exchange, the IT Department will not have this work complete by school start. Our priority for the September 14 start of school is that all students in all grade levels will have a working device. Please inform your school if your student device is not working so we can replace broken devices. The current student Chromebook will work well for the start of school.

As we complete the steps needed to exchange the existing Chromebook for a new one, we will communicate the process and schedule for device exchange. We anticipate beginning this process in late September.

The Student Help Desk is now open.

If you have any issues with your device or logging in, you will need to contact the Student Help Desk. Only email requests will be accepted until September 8th.

Starting on September 8th, there will be a phone number to call for help as well. More information can be found here:

Belonging Pick Up

Items left behind last Spring; including art projects, locker items and lost and found items have been stored in the building. When the building is open to the public, students will be welcomed to pick up their left behind items.

If you are moving out of the District please contact Cristina Guajardo via email at:

Library & Classroom Book Return

We are waiting on guidance from the District Office for when we can invite students to return library and classroom books. Thank you for your patience.

Free Internet Access

All students will need internet access this fall. BSD has partnered with Comcast to provide six months of free internet access through the Sponsored Comcast Internet Essentials program to students who qualify for free or reduced lunches. Applications are available online and must be submitted by August 31. Applications are available in Spanish. If you’re unable to access the application online, call 503-356-4300. In addition, we’ll be distributing paper applications in both English and Spanish at grab-and-go food sites on August 13.

If you’re a high school student who doesn’t qualify for free internet through Comcast, you can apply online for a free hotspot through our partnership with Sprint’s 1Million Project. If you’re unable to access the application online, call 503-356-4300. If you’re an elementary or middle school student who doesn’t qualify for free internet through Comcast, schools will be working with you to distribute additional hotspots during the first week of September.

Can you help support students who need internet connectivity? If so, please consider donating to BEF’s Back-to-School Connect Campaign.

Free Food Boxes

Since March, in conjunction with our community partnerships, BSD has facilitated the distribution of 17,300 food boxes to Beaverton families. We plan to support those efforts for as long as possible.

Our partner Pacific Coast Fruit Company will continue to distribute food boxes at Aloha High School on Wednesdays from 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. The company has two additional distribution locations within our district: St. Cecilia Church (Tuesdays at 2 p.m.) and Beaverton Foursquare Church (Thursdays at 9 a.m.).

In addition, our community partner Urban Gleaners will continue to distribute food boxes at Vose Elementary (Mondays at 11 a.m.).

If you’d like to support our efforts to address food and economic insecurities in our community, please consider a donation to the BSD Community Resource Fund.

Stoller PTO

Stoller Volunteers

Welcome Stoller Volunteers!

Volunteering in the 2020-21 school year will be unlike previous years. Although we are unsure what remote volunteer needs will be, we invite you to create a volunteer profile or update your existing profile. This will ensure you are able to help Stoller staff and students through volunteer work as opportunities arise. A volunteer profile is required for all volunteering within BSD schools. Please follow the steps below to update or create your volunteer profile. Additional information is available at

Existing BSD Volunteers (new to Stoller)

Please send an email to and request to add Stoller Middle School to the organizations listed in your mVP account. Provide your full first and last name as it appears in your profile. If you will no longer be volunteering at an elementary school, you may also request to remove that school from your profile.

New BSD Volunteers

If you are a new volunteer to the Beaverton School District, you must create a volunteer account. This process includes a background check.

If you are a…

Within the application, please include all of the BSD schools where you are a volunteer. You will have one profile for all your BSD volunteering.

  • This step also initiates a background check. It will come up for renewal every 2 years.
  • Once your background check is complete, you will receive an email from Stoller PTO stating your background check approval status, and your volunteer profile at will be active.

IMPORTANT: Remember your log in and password! This is important for both home and school access to your profile. Make it easy to remember and/or keep it accessible. For more information, visit Beaverton School District Volunteer Page.

Thank you for giving your time and talents to Stoller this school year!

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