Only You Can Prevent Teen Pregnancy

By: Alex Nast

The Generational Cycle

Compared with young women with no family history of teenage births, young women whose sister had had a teenage birth and those whose sister and mother both had had teenage births were significantly more likely to experience a teenage pregnancy. Young women who had only a sister who had had a teenage birth had greater odds of pregnancy than young women who had only a mother who had had a teenage birth. Having both a mother and a sister who had had teenage births was independently associated with an elevated risk of pregnancy, even after controlling for socioeconomic and mothers’ parenting characteristics. Frequent companionship with an older sister was associated with increased odds of teenage pregnancy frequent conflict with an older sister who had had a teenage birth was marginally associated with decreased odds of the outcome.

Baby Born to teen parents less likely to graduate high school

Research shows that adverse early childhood experiences can negatively impact outcomes in later life. Abuse and neglect, trauma, and parental substance abuse all negatively shape the adult psyche, behavior and health. On the other hand, positive early childhood experiences, such as high-quality early learning and consistent, nurturing relationships with responsible adults, can help lay a solid foundation for success.

How does lack of prenatal care harm a baby?

Babies born to mothers who received no prenatal care are three times more likely to be born at low birth weight, and five times more likely to die, than those whose mothers received prenatal care.

How does lack of contact with his or her father affect a child's future?

When fathers are highly involved, their babies interact equally with both parents and more easily with strangers. For example, one study showed that babies of 12 to 14 months who had fathers who played an active, independent and consistent role in childcare were more sociable than babies with more distant fathers – both with their own parents and with outsiders.

How do hobbies, activities, and talents affect the risk of teen pregnancy?

It decreases the chances of pregnancy by keeping teens occupied with other things besides that one thing.

What reasons do you have for not becoming a teen parent? Why

Because I am still young and still have growing up to do, and get my life on track before I can even think of having a kid, since I have to take care of myself first.