Mrs. Dina's Kindergarten

Week of April 14th- April 17th

Spirit Week!

We had so much fun during Spirit Week! We started off with Game Day on Tuesday! Your children had the opportunity to play each game in groups. I loved the games they brought to school! Your children helped each other and explained directions to each other! I love seeing your children work together so cooperatively! On Wednesday, we had crazy hair day! Your children were so creative! We had so many different looks! I believe Thursday was our favorite day of the week! We all really enjoyed going to school in our pajamas! We had pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals to help our classroom become super cozy! We also watched The Magic School Bus Kicks Up a Storm while eating popcorn. Finally, on Friday, we had Sports Day! I believe we covered every sport! Thank you for helping your children participate in our Spirit Week! Your children really look forward to special days like these.
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Congratulations to our Star Students!

Show and Tell

A Peek at the Week

Tricky Words

  • Little
  • Or
  • For


  • Blends (bl, fl, pl, gl, cl, sl)
  • Compound words
  • Homophones


  • Over Easter Break...
  • Little
  • For
  • Or


  • Characteristics of a penny
  • Counting pennies
  • Characteristics of a nickel
  • Counting nickels
  • Counting by 5s
  • Exchanging pennies for nickels
  • How many pennies make $1,00
  • How many nickels make $1.00


  • Introduction to Weather unit
  • Sun
  • Wind
  • Rain

Looking Ahead...

Wednesday, April 22nd

Earth Day and National Jelly Bean Day!

We have so much to accomplish on this day! We are looking forward to learning how to take care of our Earth! We also can't wait to do all of our hands-on math lessons using jelly beans!

Thursday, April 23rd

  • Church Day----St. George
  • Happy Namesday to George!

Friday, April 24th

  • Show and Tell-----George, Katia, Katerina, Peter, Penni, Tatiana