KidSpring Connections

January 31, 2016

Every Number Has a Name, Every Name Has a Story, Every Story Matters to God!

  • Total Attendance: 3940
  • Kids: 707
  • Volunteers: 200
  • First Timers: 19

This week we start a brand new series called HI-YAH! Ninjas are fun for kids, but we also get to capitalize on their discipline as we teach kids to take off the old & put on the new. We'll be teaching through Ephesians 4:17-32. Paul talks about getting rid of the old sinful patterns of our lives by replacing them with something good!

This is so relevant for us as volunteers too. As we're looking at growing closer to Jesus than ever before, this helps us simplify what it looks like to grow! We don't just try to stop our bad habits, we replace them with something that Jesus wants to have in us. For 8 weeks we'll be challenging kids to do this, so we've got to go first!

Maybe we need to take off fear & replace it with faith, maybe we need to take off bitterness & replace it with forgiveness, maybe we need to take off judgement & replace it grace, or maybe we need to take off pessimism & replace it with hope. Let's lead the way in this!

Did You Miss Our Series Kickoff Last Week?

Here's What You Need to Know:

We're believing for an average of 1016 kids in 2016 and here's how you can make that happen:


    • Jesus calls us to pray & believe!

    • If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer. - Matthew 21:22


    • To see more people than ever before, we have to connect people better than ever before!

    • We want to connect you as volunteers better than ever before:

      • We want for you to be connected to the Lord, to the vision of ministry, and to each other!

      • We’re going to provide you with opportunities to connect with ALL KidSpring volunteers every other month with the start of each new series.

      • Look for your teams to be doing things together too!

    • We get to connect kids & families!

      • We’re going to have monthly family connection events for each room/ area of KidSpring.

      • Use Sundays to be intentional with kids and families.

      • Choose 1 family to connect with this year. Let this be YOUR FAMILY.

        • Get to know the kid! Get to know their parents! Be a part of their lives.

        • If every volunteer does this, then we’ve connected 431 families!!!


    • The world is full of negative, hopeless people, but that’s not who we are!

    • How can you celebrate the people you serve with, kids, and families?

    • We also get to celebrate that we have the BEST thing out there for kids!

SuperBowl Weekend!

Because of "The Big Game" on February 7th, we've moved our 6:00pm service to Saturday FOR THAT WEEKEND ONLY! It's also DIFFERENCE MAKER WEEKEND, where we'll be giving away t-shirts & CDs to everyone that attends on February 6th or 7th!!!

It's going to be a BIG WEEKEND! We'd love your help to serve as many kids as possible so that they can learn about Jesus on their level!

If you could serve an additional service, we'd love to have your help in paving the way for over 1,000 kids to learn about Jesus on their level that weekend. SIGN UP HERE!

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new small group lesson format

Check it out up close HERE.
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This Week in KidSpring

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Song: You Make Me New

HY_PS_Song_Make Me New

Song: Praise the Lord Everyday

song training (so you'll know all the dance moves)


Song: Fight

Fight Song

Fight Song Training (So You'll Know All the Dance Moves)

Song: God Made a Way

KF ES Song GodMadeAWay LyricVersion

God Made a Way Song Training (So You'll Know All the Dance Moves)

Out In the Wild Arctic Chill | God Made A Way