Room 9 News

My Kids Rock!

MAP Testing

We have MAP testing coming up for the next two weeks. Please make sure your child is here to take the test with the rest of the class. Thank you.

Wednesday, September 9 from 9:30-10:30 (Reading)

Wednesday, September 16 from 9:30-10:30 (Math)

The results of your child's effort will create backpacks of activities for them to complete at their leisure or your discretion.

** If you would like your kids to complete these throughout the week/weekend, and need me to instigate and monitor this, please let me know, I am here for you.


The kids will be responsible for bringing a book to and from school each day. If your child does not have a book in their backpack yet, please make sure they drop one in there for tomorrow.

They can bring more than one if they would like. We will be using these books to respond to literature, in class and at home. They will also be sharing their reading journey with classmates.

Thank you for understanding that this is a new homework regime. My hope is, with time, we will see how the kids love of reading grow and how their responses to literature are deeper and more meaningful. The only way to become better readers is to...................... read, read, read!


Take a look at the Eureka sheet you took home with you on Back to School Night. Here is a link to read more about this Math Module #1: This is a website from another school district who is using Eureka. It has a load of information for you at all grade levels. It's nice to know what the kids are learning in math so you can use the vocabulary with them and reinforce the new skills. Enjoy!


Here is a great website for this week's story, Mr. Putter and Tabby Pour the Tea This site can support your child, if you would like more ideas for homework. Enjoy!

Volunteer Opportunities

Here is the wiki link where you can sign up for volunteering

Thank you for your time and effort in supporting our class this year. it's going to be a fabulous one!!