The Hunt

By Andrew Fukuda

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In this book, the main character, Gene is orphaned and a human in a vampire world. Now, because of this, not everything is peachy keen. Gene needs to follow rules. He has many rules that he follows every day of his life. One of these rules, is never forget who you are. This rule might be one of the most important rules, if not, the most important rule because if you forget who you are in this world, you could be killed. During Gene's teenage years, he is reminded of this rule every time he needs to take care of a body issue (such as stubble growing on his chin). He must make sure he is not noticed, because once a vampire notices you, you die. There's no second chances. But then something happens that causes him to put his life on the line. A heper hunt is called. Hepers (or humans) are thought to be extinct by vampires (although Gene knows for a fact that hepers are still around because he thinks he is the last one). When the hunt is called Gene doesn't worry about it, thinking it is nearly impossible for him to be chosen since the numbers on his lottery, the ticket he was given in order to be in the hunt, was one of the only lottery tickets that started with a three in his classroom. He was desperately wrong.

Gene had won the lottery. This would have been the best news anyone could possibly give you if you were a vampire, being offered the chance to hunt down a heper, but not for Gene. Being a heper himself he had no idea what to do. Over the course of 5 days, Gene and other lottery ticket winners were taught about hepers. Chaos strikes soon but, I won't spoil. The main thing to keep in mind is vampires know when a heper is near. ;)


I love the book. Although I haven't finished it, I enjoy reading it. I think the best parts about this book is that some of the characters act like some of the people you might be friends with or know. For example, the official that you learn about later in the story (aka Frilly Dress) runs on a full blown schedule. She reminds me of my mom who is always trying to be on time for everything and tries to get everything done so she doesn't have to worry about it later on. I also enjoyed this book because it is one of my favorite genres, dystopian.


I would recommend this story to anyone that like to read dystopian books because the genre of this book is dystopian. I would also recommend this book to anyone that likes to read in 1st person POV because the story is written from the POV of the main character. I would also recommend this book to anyone that enjoyed reading the Hunger Games because the story is basically a fan fiction, or a story generated from a part of another book, of the Hunger Games. Many of the things were similar such as character traits, setting, and other parts of the plot.

Getting to Know the Characters

Gene- Gene is the main character of this story, he is a heper that is pretending to be a vampire so he isn't killed. He is smart and in the top of his class. He is a rule follower. He has a crush on Ashley June. Gene is also an orphan. His Mom and sister died somehow and his Dad was turned into a vampire.

Ashley June- She is a rule breaker. Guys are always watching her. She is normally the center of attention. She likes to sneak around and finds out ways to deceive people, especially men. She is a vampire and is also a hunter that is ready to kill.