Second Grade Newsletter

May 22-May 26


We will continue our unit on financial literacy. We will be discussing responsible and irresponsible spending. Students will understand and analyze spending and saving.

Language Arts and Social Studies

We will be reading a fiction play called "Pushing up the Sky."

Our comprehension skill is problem and solution. We will be working on r-controlled syllables. Our vocabulary focuses on inflected endings with base words and -ed.

In Social Studies, students will explain how innovation and technology have affected life in the past and present.


We will continue our unit on force and motion. Students will create a game that has a pattern of movement and exhibits force.

Important Dates

May 26th- Field Day (See attachment from Coach Hill)

May 29th- Student Holiday

Take Home Readers/Library Books

Our last homework is due May 12th. We will start collecting take home readers then. If you have any take home reader books at home, please return them to school.

All library books were due by May 19th.

School Supplies for Next Year

Don't forget to order school supplies! It's fast, easy and everything your child needs, delivered to the classroom.

1. Go to

2. Enter the school ID, WEL003

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