Since 1894 BC!


Petroleum oil has been used for thousands of years and has been used for everything from lighting simple oil lamps to running the automobiles that we use today. Petroleum was first found as a thick black goo seeping up out of the ground by the ancient Babylonians. But now is collected using Petroleum rigs and wells.

Is it renewable?

Petroleum oil is not a renewable resource which means that we should use it conservatively. The reason oil is non-renewable is because it is made from prehistoric plants and animals crushed under pressure of the earth's crust over thousands of years. The absorbed energy of those plants and animals is what makes up petroleum oil. This energy is released mainly through means of combustion, and is often used to power factories, power plants, and automobiles.

Who uses it?

Right now, almost every country in the world uses petroleum oil in some way.

But how does it work for me?

Petroleum is used for many things, but mostly is used for the production of gasoline which we use to power our cars

Here is a list of many things petroleum is used for:


Diesel fuel

Motor Oil

Bearing Grease


Floor Wax

Ballpoint Pens

Football Cleats





Bicycle Tires

Sports Car Bodies

Nail Polish

Fishing lures



Golf Bags





As you can see we already depend on petroleum to provide a wide variety of things that are a part of our everyday lives.

This might be getting out of hand...

If we don't use oil conservatively we WILL eventually run out, it's inevitable. But also this is an air pollutant, causing air pollution can cause acid rain and smog. Petroleum oil can also have disastrous effects if spilled, much like the Exon Valdez or the BP gulf disaster.
BP Oil Spill


The advantages of petroleum oil that make it better than its compeditors is that it is extremely easy and cheap to obtain, also it is extremely efficient