Physically Active

Sharing your love of being active.

Active Lifestyle

I remember how I found my passion for being physically active. I was in fifth grade, when I started playing basketball. It wasn't the sport in particular it was just the feeling I got when I worked hard. Ever since that age I have been doing all sorts of things keeping me active. Some things I love about being active is reaching goals, and striving for the best. Living an active lifestyle has allowed me to have more confidence in my abilities and strengths.

Lauren Fisher

I look up to Lauren Fisher because she lives an active lifestyle. She is known for being in the Crossfit games and promotes living your life to the fullest.
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Some of the top jobs include

Guarenteed to be fun and challenging everyday

How much do these careers pay?
Can I make a career out of being an athlete?


- Go to college and graduate (scholarship on sport?).
- Credentials and Masters.
- Get a job including all of the things you love to do.