Others' Perceptions of Me

By: Tori Ott

About the Interviews

So I interviewed my mom and my sister about their perceptions/ points of views of me. I asked them questions like "what are some things you admire about me? What are some things that you think I could be when I grow up, what are a few things you know about me?" Things like that. Here are the interview videos from when I sat down with them for the interviews.

My Mom

Here is the video from when I interviewed my mom, Lisa Ott.

Mom - Perception Interview 360p Streaming - 11-9

My Sister

Here is the video from my sister, Tina's interview

Tina - Self Perception - Interview 360p Streaming
So as you can kind of see, they think and perceive pretty positive of me, which I am very happy about. They love a lot of things about me, and not just because they are my family! I wish I could have gotten my dad, but right now, he is somewhere else on business, which keeps him very busy... But, he very much enjoys his job!

Some Other Things People Think About Me

There are a lot of other things people may think I am or am not. For example, people may think I goof off WAY TOO MUCH, which I can kind of agree with... People may think that I am immature, which sometimes I am, so I understand, but not exactly ALL the time. People may think I am irresponsible, well I say sometimes, but I am just being FLEXIBLE. People will call me risky, but I say that I am being able to do many things. People may say that I am bossy, rude, but to be very honest, I can tell when I am being either of those, and I really do not try to be, but I am trying to PROVIDE STRUCTURE, that's all. People may think that I am very resistant to change, but I am just traditional, and I like having things the way they usually are, or that I am opinionated, which I can very much say yes to sometimes, but sometimes I will just think of that as knowing right from wrong. Or you may say that I am uptight, when really I am being concerned about security. There is much more that people can say about me that I can argue and change, but that is not a bad thing, which is why, like my mom said in the video, I would make good use in some type of law firm.

A Few More Things People Might Think About Me

There are lots of common comments people will give me, and sadly, some to most may not be that positive. For example, I know it, I admit it, I am NOSY! I have to know what you are talking about, and let me tell you, it can get me IN TROUBLE! Like, sometimes, I will be like "What about so-and-so?" and my mom might say "AM I TALKING TO YOU?!?!?" "no..."

Another can be that I am needing to focus, which a lot of times, I lose mine. See, for my ADHD, and my sister's ADD, we both take Attend, which for me, helps me not to GO SUPER HYPER and focus, 'cause on the weekends when I might not take my Attend, I can get hyper. It normally wears off at about 5:00-5:30.