Mrs. Hensler's Helpful Hints

2/3 Multiage Classroom

Week of 11/10 - 11/14

This Week's Lessons

Tuesday is Veterans Day - School Wide Convocation

Writing - Research Projects - Native American Tribe

Language - Pronouns & Antecedents, Verbs

Reading - Main Idea & Details, Fact & Opinion

Social Studies- Researching Native Americans of Present Day Indiana Region

2nd Grade

Math -

Topic 5 - Test

Begin Topic 6 - Mental Addition, Adding Tens & Ones, Using a Hundreds Chart, Adding Multiples of Tens, Finding Patterns

Anchor Text - Jellies: The Life of a Jellyfish and Splash Photography

3rd Grade

Math -

Topic 5 - Test

Begin Topic 6 - Multiplication Facts, Distributive Property, Multiplying with 3 factors, Multiplying to Find Combinations

Anchor Text - Young Thomas Edison and Moving Pictures

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