Kawaha o Ka Māno

The Home of the He'e


On pō'akolu, Aunty Hi'ilei Kawelo, from Paepae o' He'eia, came to teach us about her knowledge of the he'e, also known as octopus/squid. We gained information about many things, such as cultural practices and food preparation. Some cultural practices she talked about were various ways to catch he'e, seasons to catch, and places to catch. Amongst the many things, we also learned how to prepare squid lū'au. She showed us in detail, step by step, how to make it. He'e is also known as the kinolau to Kanaloa, the salt water god.

He Mele No Kāne

This is a chant dedicated to Kāne, the god of freshwater. It's about the search for where Kāne can be found.
He Mele No Kane

Cleaning He'e

The following video demonstrates how to clean a he'e.
Girl cleaning octopus

Driving Question

We can use the concept of Kāne and Kanaloa to bring pono to our community by sharing the knowledge we gained from Aunty Hi'ilei Kawelo on Pō'akolu to others. By sharing where to find he'e, the signs, and the various methods to catch a he'e to our 'ohana, we're giving the knowledge ti others to feed their family and to be self-sustainable. Also, by knowing how to clean he'e, you can pass the knowledge shared to you to your future.

Group Members

Blessing Pagaduan
Kaili Montgomery
Hi'ilani Alina-Kamark