The Roman Justice


Rights of citizens

Able to vote

Own property and weite contracts

Go to court

Hold official offices

Not all equal

Male citizens enjoyed all of the rights

Women had limited rights

No voting pr government offices

Slaves were property with almost no rights

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Roman vs U.S ideas of C , L & J


They both can vote for a leader

Both had to throw off a foreign power to establish a nation.

Controlled land outside of their borders

Controlled large land mass.

Each had a large numbers of poor and unemployed and the government has used the dole and other aid packages to help the people causing a great drain on the finances of the government.


In the US every citizen has born natural rights such as the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In the Roman Empire many were just subjects and not citizens.

It was common for emperors to have enemies killed, but assassinations are not accept in America.

Romans also used the entertainment of the coliseum to keep the mobs happy.