Sam Walton


Early Life

Sam Walton was born in Kingfisher Oklahoma on March 29th 1918 to Thomas and Nancy. His father owned a farm but eventually he realzied that it didnt give them enoguh money to live on so he went ot working at his brothers morgage company. Thier family moved to Florida, where Sam became the youngest eagle in state history. He married Helen Walton in 1943 and had 4 children.
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First store

The first store he ever mangaged was a variety store when he was 26 and it was a chain granchise of the Butler brothers.

First Wal-mart

The first Walmart was in Rogers, Arkansas on July 2nd, 1962. Sam and bhis brother came together with Stephsn Dasbach and together they produced walmarts through the United States. Today there are over 4,000 Walmarts in the U.S today.

How does this effect the U.S today?

Today millions and millions of people go to walmart for daily needs. We get everything from groceries to furnature to toiletries to clothing. We would still hav estores if walmarts were not created, but Walmart has had a big impact on America and other countries creating jobs for many people.

What did Walmart help create?

If we didnt have stores to sell product in, then would would be the point of creating products? Walmart sells a variety of differenrent things and there are more and more products being created. Walmart makes our lives easier by offering us many needs and wants for our lives.

Educational Background

- graduated high school

- attended the college of Missouri as a ROTC cadet

- then joined the military where he became a captain

How did he get the idea of Walmart?

He managed the Butler Bothers chain stores and so he had one year left on his lease so he decided to buy his own building and make his own store with his brother and they named it Walmart discount city store and from then on Walmart has become a world wide business. He made billion of dollars.

Good leader?

Sam knew how to take little money and turn it into a lot of money. He thought that he should start by making new busninesses in small towns and then let them get bigger and that worked well. He knows how to handle money and become very sucessful

What do I think?

I think what he did was a world changing thing and it changed the lives of many people. He made our lives easier by giving us easy access to products that we need and want. If I could have the opprotunity to change the world like this, I would.


He died on Sunday, April 5, 1992, in Little Rock Arkanasas because of multiple myelmoma. This is a type of blood disease. He was barried in Bentonville Cemetery.