Naiyaandi movie review

After a slew of serious roles in the past few years Naiyaandi soft film refers back to Dhanush. He is a comedy film set around Kumbakonam director Sargunam joins hands. Dhanush along with the naiyaandi songs carnival village, when his grandmother comes to visit Forest Rose (Nazriya) who falls in love with a young Vandu, the youngest of three brothers, plays. After a few hiccups, their mutual love becomes. Romantically involved with his family, especially his younger Vandu the eagle eyes of his elder brothers, and rose up early goon one has to handle.

Lots of space in the sitcom set in the second half is another naiyaandi songs interesting little animation sequence. However, Naiyaandi Sriman in naiyaandi songs the second half, thanks to some comfort, offering outstanding performance hilarious, running most of the time it turns out to be a highly anticipated affair. If it was 'brother' in Raja Rani, 'fraud' is the word for young Nazriya in Naiyaandi, and she looks sparkling as ever in a sizable role. She is addressed as 'aayalu' by her near and dear ones in the movie. Soori turns in another typical performance, nicely settling into the 'rural comedian' space.

Vamsi Krishna as the baddie, is as predictable as ever and we are accustomed to such villainy in numerous Tamil movies. Naren does an earnest father's naiyaandi songs role yet again with ease. Veterans, Pyramid Natrajan and Meera Krishnan, play the parents of the three brothers with good effect. The technical aspects of Naiyaandi are good with Velraj's visuals being crystal clear even in those night shots across a paddy field dotted with windmills. The songs, shot in exotic Swiss locales are pleasing to the eye, though their placement leaves a lot to be desired.

The room in Dhanush's house where all the bells and lamps are stacked up, and naiyaandi songs one where Dhanush and Nazriya share a few intimate moments is another visual highlight of Naiyaandi. Ghibran's work on the background music is admirable, with the mounting expectations surrounding his work on Vishwaroopam 2's BGM score. The young composer has tastefully used instruments such as santoor and saxophone and he has done his best for every scene in the movie. The way the old Doordarshan theme has been used.