Bethel Sunday School

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Sunday School Week #4

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Exciting News!

Starting October 11th, next week, we will be having in person Sunday School. It will look very different, but we will have the chance to be there together safely. Here's the details...

  • Two teachers, Mrs. Chrissie and Miss Mackenzie
  • Fellowship Hall only-big and spacious in order for us to spread out!
  • It's during church... Church begins at 9:30, Children will go down with Chrissie after the in church children's message to the hall and enjoy lesson and games while safley spaced.
  • All teachers and students will need to wear masks.
  • Classes will be held outside in the side yard if weather permits.
  • Online lessons continue
  • Have questions? contact Chrissie :-)
  • We will have masks if needed for the children.
  • HERE's the BIG one... Please RSVP by text or email prior to Sunday to see if there is space. We need to maintain smaller ratios to comply with state regulations.

Save the Date:

We are working on making two BETHEL Sunday School traditions/events available safely while following state guidelines...

Thanksgiving Dinner: 11/15/2020 3pm Details TBA

Christmas Caroling: 12/13/2020 and 12/20/2020 Details TBA

Elementary Lesson:

Week 4 Sunday School

Middle/High School:

Living it Out

Living It Out

This is an easy little adventure, but one you’ll likely forget to do unless you do something drastic. We’ll give you some ideas about that in a second, but first the “adventure.”

If you’re reading this book, you likely have some connection to a church (good for you—-give yourself a little golf clap). Chances are, every time you go to youth group you learn ABOUT God, Jesus, and the Bible. So, just for the next month, approach youth group a little differently. No matter what you’re learning about, ask Jesus to help you use that information to actually know him better.

Learning about the Ten Commandments? How can you know Jesus better as a result?

Learning about peer pressure? How can you know Jesus better as a result?

So you don’t forget to do this, do something drastic to remind yourself. Here are a few ideas:

Write “Know Jesus” on your bathroom mirror using a bar of soap.

Ask your mom to send you a text-message during the day that simply says, “Know Jesus.” + happy emoji.

Write “Know Jesus” on a piece of masking tape and and tape it to your arm. Then start reading the book of John in the Bible. As you read glance over at your arm occasionally and’s ultimately about KNOWING JESUS!

Sunday Service:

This Sunday, if you feel comfortable, you can come back to church! But if not, we will still be going LIVE on Facebook.

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