Week 20: Right on time

To shut up

Not a good week for your beloved Commish - finals week for anatomy meant little sleeps and many alcohols.

Lines of the Night

Monday: The Cat's Meow: 3a, +4, 4pim, 2ppp, 7sog, 31fw, 5hit, 4blk

Tuesday: CatPasey: 6g, 4a, +11, 5pim, 1ppp, 27sog, 23fw, 13hit, 7blk, 2.00gaa, 31sv, .939sv%

Wednesday: NeonDion PewpMachine: 2g, 5a, +3, 4pim, 1ppp, 20sog, 58fw, 12hit, 9blk, 1.94gaa, 35sv, .946sv%

Thursday: Dangleberry Droplets: 7g, 7a, +3, 6pim, 4ppp, 24sog, 27fw, 11hit, 6blk, 2.03gaa, 70sv, .946sv%

Friday: Zamboners: 4g, 6a, +9, 3ppp, 19sog, 5fw, 5hit, 5blk, 1.85gaa, 15sv, .882sv%

Saturday: Hot Ice Beast: 5g, 4a, -3, 4pim, 4ppp, 32sog, 39fw, 9hit, 4blk, 0.50gaa, 49sv, .980sv%, 1sho

Sunday: CatPasey: 2g, 5a, +5, 4pim, 1ppp, 35sog, 20fw, 17hit, 12blk, 2.00gaa, 25sv, .926sv%

Do you like one-sentence matchup equations?? If so, you're in luck!!

Week 20 Matchups

Crank Zone for two? (ELBOWS 6, Beast 6):

Epic assist cumback + Sasksen being dumb - Ged being dumb + Hail Mary Nemo shutout + stay away from my face offz = underwhelming tie

How the fuck is Pat in 4th place? (Pasey 8, Droplets 5):

Pat's good goalies + Ryan's pussy addiction + move to Menver = both of you shut up

Brian gives early bday gift to Kat (it's not a kr33m pai) (Meowzerz 12, Joan 1):

Caturday Hank shutout x broad spectrum bat dadding / BriChi y u no play? = Ermegerd so close to first ever Hot Ice Clean Sweepz

Tornado of Bonurz keeps playoffs alive (Zamz 10, NADO 1):

Such offense + wow + almost clean sweep + passive mode pootie tang = still not make playoffs ;p

Pewpz on Pewpz (Pewpz 8, Power 3):

Pete black out + make pukes on rugz + snap chat ur peen? - balls x bonch #badnight + call me = Chris 2014 Cat Peen trophy??

Week 21 Predictions

Cat ELBOWs: ELBOWs 6, Catz 6

Dangle Beast: Ice 9, Droplets 3

SHARP Smoothers: NADO's 10, Joan 3

Boner Power: Lamorneus 7, Zamz 4

Neon Cat: Pasey 7, Dion 6

And before you thank me for such an epic dish, YOU'RE WELCOME