How To Increase Your Height

Increase Your Height

How To Increase Your Height Through Exercise?

A poor posture, supported by weak and tight muscles, and a lack of body awareness can prevent a person from standing upright and give you an appearance of being smaller than you actually are. But you should not worry. By learning how to stretch and few other corrective exercises, individuals can increase their height by loosening the muscle knots, loosening elasticity of muscles, and straightening the spine. These exercises will strengthen your spine and will make your muscles stronger.


1) Begin by stretching your hamstrings. This can be done when you stand on the right leg, and bend your knee. Bring the left leg in your front and lock its knee. Then stretch your toes upwards till you start feeling a stretch in your left leg. Stay in this position for around half a minute and change the legs. Repeat this exercise twice per day.

2) Now lie on a mat, with your back flat and knees pulled up to the chest. This position will bring a stretch in your lower back. Keep the legs on the ground, and try to hug the right knee near your chest. Repeat this with the other leg too. Try to hold your legs in this position for half a minute each.

3) Cross your right leg across the left thigh. Rest the right part of your ankle on your left knee. Simultaneously bend both legs while trying to get behind the right knee. Try to pull it inwards to your chest and pull up your left leg. This exercise brings a stretch in the muscles of your buttocks.

4) Sit while keeping your back straight and extend your legs straight on the floor. Flex your feet and point out your toes. Slowly move your hands towards the ceiling. Try to push your abdomen to your thighs by slowly bending your waist. Slowly bring down your arms and relax. Stay in this position for some 30 seconds while trying to hold your ankles or feet.

5) Face a wall in put your hands flat right in front of your chest. Bend forward and stretch your calf muscles. Hold on this position for half a minute and repeat it 10-15 times.

6) Lie down straight while facing the floor. Take a deep breath and while releasing it, lift your body upwards. Now pull together the shoulder blades and hold this for at least two seconds. Inhale and lower your body towards the mat and repeat for two sets of 12 to 20.

7) Keep on lying in the same position and stretch out your arms. Exhale your breath and raise your legs and upper torso. So your legs are stretched backwards while your arms are forward. Stay in this Superman pose for two seconds.

8) Begin by lying on a mat and both arms must at the side while legs straight behind. Start lifting your upper body while pulling your shoulder blades together. Start raising your legs and try to hold on this position for around half a minute. Slowly resume your original position and relax for a minute before repeating it again.

It is best to seek professional assistance when doing these exercises to avoid accidents and muscle ruptures. Or you can rely on professional DVDs.

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