by Devon Lewis

The Tortured soul

I'm pretty confident that Dracula himself is much more than just a demon spawn. I believe he is a tortured soul dying for companionship and relief from the life he is being forced to lead while a vampire. My thoughts stem from his capture of Harker instead of the quick murder and then the look he gives upon his death. When he captures Harker he converses with him, he almost tries to make friends with him, he does this because he is actually alone. The man has been this way for as long as we know and I am sure it gets hard for the character. Then the relief theory is backed by one detail and its the look that dracula gives when being killed he looks at peace almost as if he had been longing for that one moment for years and years and honestly it makes me feel bad for the guy.
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Vampire Bats

Vampire bats are very interesting animals I did a bit of research on them while reading this book. And what intrigued me the most is that very similar to the infamous Dracula, they do actually suck blood. They live off of it which really blew my mind because it is almost like a fairy tale coming true. Like what if the vampire bats actually are just mini dracula spawns and are out to watch the world burn sucking the blood of one cow at a time. Well that would make for an interesting twist now wouldn't it?
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