From Cocoa Beans to Chocolate

By: Keyaa Anand


Mmm... look at all the smiles on everyone's face when someone mentions chocolate! Read this article about tasty chocolate! Chocolate has been around since the year 600. So get your taste buds ready to learn more, and more, and more!


Cocoa beans start in farms. The tree is very delicate. Then, they chop the cocoa beans off the tree. Light yellow colored seeds are scooped out, along with the sugary pulp. The seeds and pulp are placed in sturdy sacks or containers. Then, the gathered seeds and pulp will be left to ferment for about 5 days. Later, the seeds become rich chocolate colored. After the seeds have fermented, the cacau seeds turn to cocoa beans. They begin to develop sweet aroma of cocoa! Like any moisture filled fruit, the beans have to be dried to be preserved. Spread on mats or racks, the beans are frequently turned during this 5-7 day process. This can be done in a farm, or maybe a processing plant. The dry beans, which now is called raw cocoa, are stored in bags and shipped to markets and chocolate manufactures worldwide.


At the chocolate factory, cocoa beans are inspected and approved. All incoming raw materials must be tested before the manufacturing facility. They use wholesome, high quality ingredients to make chocolate. Quality control continues during production, where chocolate samples are carefully anylized throughout the process. Once the beans pass inspection, they are plain and blended to create a perfect flavor. The cocoa beans are roasted in large, rotating cylinders, from anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. The carefully controlled heat turns the beans a brown color, as it develops the nice fragrance of chocolate! As soon as the roasted beans have cooled, a machine will remove the shells, leaving the inner part only.

Now that you read most of factory, I want you to finish reading the rest of what happens in the factory in a different article. So now, we will go straight to store.


Excited? And, yes, if you were wondering, we ARE going to the store together to buy some chocolate! And, also, you don't need to pay any money because I have all the money to pay for you. Do you also want to buy a fun facts sheet on chocolate? Okay, then! When we get home, you can see it. Oh! I almost forgot to tell you!

At the store, kids and adults will want to buy the chocolate. So kids and adults today can buy some high quality chocolate. So even you can buy it! All you need to do is go to the store, buy chocolate, and go home and share it with your friends! (Share this article, too!)

Fun Facts

1. Did you know, chocolate has been around since the 600s?

2. Did you know, to much chocolate is poisonous to dogs?

3. Did you know, cocoa powder is made from cocoa beans?


Did you like this article? Now that you read it, you probably are getting hungry. Okay, fine, now go eat some chocolate and I'll give you a break. And I'll stop going crazy.

Bye, for now!

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