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The film's director is : James Cameron
Main players:Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio,Kate Elizabeth Winslet,William George "Billy" Zane, Jr,Kathy Bates,Bernard Hill,Frances Fisher,William "Bill" Paxton,Jonathan Hyde,Gloria Frances Stewart.
The producer:James Cameron,Jon Landau.
Titanic is a drama disasters movie.

The film was a worldwide sucsses. The film was released in December 1997. It describes a love story that happens at the unsinkable ship. Everyone believed that this is the ship that can not be sink. She named-Titanic.

This movie won 11 prises , including the golden globe , oscer and so on.

An american film critic- James Brardinli, wrote about

Film: "You are not just watching the Titanic, you experience it."

The film is based on real disaster happened on the ship called Titnic.

Titnic was huge ship built in the United Kingdom. She had the largest and most luxurious of its day and hence its name - from the greek word "Titanos"

"Titanos", which means "giant". Despite the thought that she is immune to drowning, the Titanic sank on her maiden voyage on April 15, 1912 following damage to the iceberg.

the trailer - 1997

Titanic - Official Trailer [1997]

Our movie review :

This movie is very exciting and unpredictable. There is non stop surprises , and you cant take your eyes of the screen, you feel in the exact situation.

We all believe that true love exist , but no one has ever seen it in a realistic way in movies. For the first time , it happens. You see true love in movies , that can really happen. We inspire this kind of love , when only death can come between.

The prop is wonderful! Very accurate .It match the time line very perfectly .