WAJ Tech Bit: Happy New Year!

January 2016

Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Hoyt Uses Plickers as a formative assessment tool for his 5th and 6th Grade math classes!

ISTE TEACHER STANDARD 2: Design and Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences and Assessments

Mr. Hoyt has done an awesome job of incorporating Plickers into his classroom and uses it to review math skills, make formative assessments fun, and as an easy way to gauge student understanding using the data analysis features. Great job Mr. Hoyt!


Mr. Hoyt

iPad Cart Reservation Sheets on Google Drive are available for January and February! (ISTE Teacher Standard 3- Model Digital Age Work and Learning)

If you would like to reserve iPads for your classroom, please feel free to use the reservation sheet that was shared with you on Google Drive. If you aren't sure how to locate this, please feel free to let Carly know and she will assist you!
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2nd Graders Travel Back in Time to 1812 during a Virtual Field Trip! (ISTE STUDENT STANDARD 2- Communication & Collaboration)

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Game Changers: Technology That Changes the Way We Do Business

Monday, Feb. 1st, 4:30pm

WAJ Library

Join the Columbia-Greene Reading Council for an interactive workshop and learn how to transform your classroom by integrating technology to upgrade formative assessments, projects, data collection, and other technology themed instructional strategies. These engaging, cutting-edge tips allow for classroom technology to enhance and improve student learning while also aligning with the common core.

Presented by: Carly Mead and Caroline DiStefano

Tech Bite: Go Formative

Thursday, Jan. 14th, 2:45pm

Mrs. Valerio's Room

Check out this awesome free assessment tool that is so much more than just multiple choice questions! This app has sophisticated features including: you can link video and images to assessment questions, students can draw responses, and it can be used on any device! This is a demo that you will not want to miss!
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Tech Bite: Aurasma

Thursday, Jan. 28th, 2:45pm

Mrs. Valerio's Room

Get excited about Augmented Reality! In this session, you will see how Aurasma can transform student work into an augmented reality experience and bring traditional student products such as posters, diaramas, brochures, to life!
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Important Email Security Message! (ISTE Teacher Standard 4- Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility)

Please be cautious about adding your personal/school issued email account(s) to iPads from the carts. If you do add your account, be sure to delete it in settings before returning it to the cart. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to Carly or AJ.
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WAJ students are proficient in using MULTIPLE DEVICES! (ISTE STUDENT STANDARD 6)

In preparing students for college and career it is essential that they use a variety of devices fluently. Every college campus and workplace is going to use diverse technologies, so students will need to have strong technology skills, which will serve them well as they navigate the varying technological landscapes. At WAJ, we have a plethora of device options for our students including: PC's, Chromebooks, Laptops, iPads, and Surface Tablets. Access to these devices plus all of our awesome WAJ teachers is a recipe for success!
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