Material Engineering

Javier Rodriguez

What is material engineering?

Materials engineers develop, process, and test materials used to create a range of products. They work with metals, ceramics, plastics, composites, and other substances. They use those substances to create new materials that meet certain mechanical, electrical, and chemical requirements.

Typical day

Material engineers create and test materials used in the creation of everything from computer chips and aircraft wings to golf clubs and snow skis. Materials engineers generally work in offices where they have access to computers and design equipment. Material Engineers also work in services industries such as engineering management and research and testing services.
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Material engineers start at an average of $55,640. Materials engineer salary range for the middle 50% is between $54,620 and $88,790. Materials engineer salaries for the highest 10% are more than $107,650.


The entry level education for a material engineer is a bachelor's degree for an entry-level position. For advanced positions, a master's degree is required. As well as some states require material engineers to earn a professional engineer license.