Amendments 1 and 2

By Sara Segal

Amendment 1: Freedom Of Speech

Freedom of Speech

The first amendment protects freedom of speech. This means that people are allowed to say whatever they want about the government, president, etc. However, there are some limitations to freedom of speech. You aren't allowed to scream "Fire!" in the middle of a crowded area because people could get hurt trying to run away. When our country was just starting out, you were not allowed to talk badly about the king or you would be killed, usually through beheading. Freedom of speech is also used today. For example, we are allowed to talk badly about our President, Barack Obama. If we went in a public place and talked about how we didn't like Obama, nobody would arrest you. Personally, I like that we have freedom of speech. I like it because if I don't like something, I have the right to talk about it and express how I feel about it.

Freedom of Religion

The first amendment also protects freedom of religion. People are allowed to practice any religion they want. Back then, people had to be a certain religion. Now, we can practice any religion we want, or we can practice no religion at all. For example, at Pine Crest School we are allowed to attend regardless of our religious beliefs. I like freedom of religion because I feel people would be left out because of their religious beliefs or punished for their religious reliefs if they were different from everyone else. If there was no religious freedom today, everything would be segregated and certain religions could get a better education compared to others.

Freedom of Press

The first amendment lets the press write stories on whatever they want. The press is not subject to prior restraint, which means the government can't hide information from the public. Back then, the government wouldn't allow certain stories to be published. Now, stories about anything can be published for everyone to read. For example, after the shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, the newspapers listed all the names and showed pictures of the children and teachers who were killed. I think freedom of the press is a good thing to have because we are able to know who people are, what they are doing, and what they look like.

Freedom to Assemble

The first amendment gives us the right to assemble and talk badly about the government. If you don't like something the government is doing, you have the right to create a group and talk about it. Back then, people couldn't form groups and discuss what they didn't like about government. Now, we are allowed to do so. For example, if a group of people don't something the government is doing, they are allowed to form a group and discuss it. I like having freedom to assemble because I have the right to form a group with others about something we all disagree on. I like that I would be allowed to meet up with them and discuss things that we don't like.

Freedom to Petition

The first amendment gives us the right to petition. With freedom to petition, people have the right to protest and create petitions to send to the government. Long ago, people weren't allowed to petition. Now, we can. Today, people can create petitions to send to the government against an idea that they have. I like being able to petition because it gives me the right to protest against what I don't like. If I am against something the government is doing, I have the right to prove my point in a petition.

Amendment 2: Guns and Protection

Amendment two gives us the right to purchase guns for protection. During colonial times, people had guns for protection and hunting. When hunting, they needed guns to kill the animal. Guns, however, were used both then and now for protection. Currently, America is facing a problem with the amount of illegal guns obtained by killers. Too many murderers have guns and are killing innocent people. With this problem about the amount of guns, innocent people would need protection. So, I think that we should have the right to bear arms. People would need guns for protection against people who may want to kill them.