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STAAR Challenge: Crush Lee Elementary!

Dear Blanton Family,

As you know, next week our 3- Bruins are taking the STAAR!

Mr. Williams has issued a charge to kick off a STAAR Challenge. Each campus in the Intensive Support Network including ACE will challenge another campus to see who can get the best results on STAAR!


The #1 goal will be to prove which school has the best teachers and students based on Mock STAAR results for 3rd & 4th grade Reading &Math, as well as in the real STAAR for 4th Writing & 5th Reading & Math once we have the results.

Each grade level that crushes the equivalent grade level at Lee Elementary will earn a "Crush Party"!


1) A challenge letter must be written by class officers or student council officers.

We have our letter! You can read it below! Thank you Ms. Batey's students for writing it!

2) A short video challenging the rival school.


  • U. Lee vs. Blanton
  • Zumwalt VS. Boude Storey
  • Dade VS. Edison
  • Pease VS. Mills

Pep Rally!!!!

On Monday 3/28 the 3rd-5th grade students will attend a Pep-Rally led by the Admin team in the Auditorium at 3:00 p.m.

Students will learn what it means to Crush Lee Elementary, and how we are going to do it as a team!

The Pep Rally will take no longer than 15-20 minutes, you are invited to stay! We encourage everyone to wear ORANGE and be creative!! Orange hair, orange skirts, tutus etc...! Let's have fun while getting students excited!

Also, we just heard that Lee is preparing a video to challenge us... if we have it by then, we will show it to our scholars. To respond to their video, we will be recording snippets of the Pep Rally and a few students/teachers individually. Let us know if you are interested in saying something back to Lee, or choosing a student to speak for the class!

Investing in Students

In your boxes we placed the article "Crush Lusher: Investing Students in Something Bigger than Themselves" by Jamie Irish for you to read. Once you read it, you'll know where our inspiration comes from.

We are using his motto of "Crushing it!". To continue with the theme, we are working on getting t-shirts for ALL Blanton staff & students to hand out on Monday's Pep Rally, and wear both on Monday's Pep Rally and Tuesday.

We ask that you help us encourage students by promoting our "CRUSH IT" attitude! Remember that we are building a future that changes the trajectory of student lives by building a winning attitude. Like written by Jamie Irish in the article: "You are the one who sets the bar and it must always be raised higher."

We also want to give each student a Crush Soda on:

Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday during the Lunch break in the middle of STAAR and we need your help!!!!

How can I pitch in?

Contribute to our cause of crushing Lee by donating $5 or a 12-pack of Crush Soda Orange Flavor. This will ensure that each one of our students receives a Crush Soda during Lunch during the middle of the testing period to help them Crush the STAAR!

Please give all donations to Ms. Taborga on Monday before 12:00 p.m. so we can purchase the sodas.

K-2 students, our cheerleaders!

Our goal is that 3-5 students feel encouraged and uplifted by their peers and the whole staff!

We are asking that K-2 grade classes make posters or pom poms or anything that can be used to encourage students as they walk to the auditorium.

Assigned Hallways:

2nd grade: Third hallway

1st grade & PK: Hallway next to the gym and up the hallway by the cafeteria towards the auditorium

Kinder: Hallway by the counselors that lead up to the Auditorium.

Line up students on both sides of the hallway, so once the 3-5 students and teachers walk, they feel the love surrounding them!

If PK-2 has a 3-5 buddy class then the buddy class can make them props to use in the auditorium.

3-5 Logistics

2:45 p.m. You can close your doors, so students don't hear the PK-2 students lining up in the hallway.

2:55 p.m. We will make a special announcement through the intercom, please have your students be quiet to hear it. As soon as the song starts, open your doors and have them walk outside your classrooms towards the Auditorium.

3:05 p.m. Pep-rally starts!

*5th grade classes in portables & Mr. Gongora: walk inside the building through the doors by the third hallway, next to Mr. Pizarro & Mr. Tamarez's classrooms.

*Specials Teachers: Join us in the Auditorium. Once the Pep-Rally is over, you will take the 5th grade classes with you



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As of Friday 3/24:

5th Grade

Math: 1 instructional days

Reading: 2 instructional days

Science: 30 instructional days

4th Grade

Writing: 1 instructional days

Math: 28 instructional days

Reading: 29 instructional days

3rd Grade

Math: 28 instructional days

Reading: 29 instructional days