Walt Disney

By:Gianna Luces

4 accomplishments

Disney won 32 academy awards for his movies and his work improving the art of filmmaker .He was also known for the theme parks his company Walt Disney Productions created.They include Disneyland resort in Anaheim, California ,and Walt Disney resort near Orlando, Florida. After Walt add sounds to his cartoons .He kept trying new things.He created the kids TV show the mickey mouse club which kids still watching today.He worked very hard to became his dream a reality that is why ,he earned awards such like Emmys .He actually won 7 emmy awards , 22 academy awards , Cecil B. Demile award .You might know who walt died on december ,15 1966 because of a cancer of lungs, but people (doctors) put him in ice in a place really cold , so actually he still alive , but he is just freezed . when scientists find the cure they are going to get him out of the ice .......

Fun Facts

His full name was "Walter Elias Disney ". When he was 18, walt worked for a company that made films .At the evening he made his own cartoons called " Laugh-O-Grams .He was born in Chicago , Illinos his family soon moved to a missouri farm , he often drew pictures of the farm animals.


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