Mrs. Moy's PAP 6th Math

Math Matters! December 15th, 2015

Class News!

Last week, we worked on percents and how it is used in real life situations and explored the coordinate plane with all 4 quadrants. We also spent 2 days playing the Amazing Race review game in the hallways upstairs and I think they enjoyed it! This week we are reviewing for the semester exams and I encourage my students to study their class notes, work on the review packet, and to try the module reviews from the text book. Remember the digital copy of the textbook is at the website and the login is their gcisd email. Password is Math1234!

We also went to the computer lab and practiced some problems from an online website. The website name is listed below.

Please remind your child to have their supplies for class. There are students who come to class without pencils, paper, etc.

Website: (middle school or 6th grade games)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!