January 2013 {Month End Reminders}

Details to Come on SOAR Events!

Hoot Loot!

It's month end and that means tomorrow is the last opportunity to max our your designer rewards. Here are some quick facts about Hoot Loot!

To check your personal volume (PV)

Log into your Backoffice

Click Commissions (Top)

Click Volumes (Left)

You go to the correct month and look under the column marked "Total PV"

$250-$499 = $25 in HL

$500-$749 = $50 in HL

$750-$999 = $75 in HL

$1000-$1249 = $100 in HL

and so on........................................................

$99 Challenge - Last Opportunity

$99 Anniversary Challenge

Everyone should have received this email.

If you have not, send me a note and I can send it to you.

There are a few designers who have the $99 in PV but have not sent me a note saying "I did it"....

Please note to be entered, this step can not be skipped!

Follow directions close to participate!

To mark my one year anniversary with Origami Owl, I am going to throw you a challenge! Challenge entries will be calculated on the 1st of February and chosen via

The challenge:
Have a PV of $99 or more in the month of January and be entered to win.

The proof:
Reply to this email when you hit $99 in personal volume claiming "I did it" along with your name and designer ID.

[To view your Personal Volume, log into the Back Office, click on Commissions, then Volumes, and it will list your Total PV for each month. If you have any questions, please let me know}

The Prize:
$100 in OO product (of your choice)

Meet Your Title Requirements!

Take some time to see if you and your team members are meeting your requirements of your title.

If you are unsure, have questions or are just not sure....make sure to reach out to your uplink!