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Start Up- not quite what you had in mind...

TAU PLUS - Turns your great idea into a great business

Ramot, Tel-Aviv University's Technology Transfer Company and StarTau, TAU's entrepreneurship center, have struck an exclusive partnership with PLUS Ventures, a highly innovative multi-vehicle investment firm, much known for its extensive experience in the fields of internet, mobile and digital media initiatives. Through this partnership, Plus Ventures offers TAU students and faculty members designated and specially tailored investment packages.

Do you have a great idea?

Want to get some help developing it into the next great thing?

Contact us at: tau@plusventures.co.il


What are we looking for?

You think you have an idea what's going to be the biggest thing in Cellular, internet or new media? It's never too early to contact us!

Plus Ventures will invest in pre-seed initiatives right from the start, even before the product development stage!


- Field- we focus is on Internet, Cellular, New Media and Software.

- Stage- Pre-seed and seed.

- Minimum addressable market size - $100MM.

- A Product designated for the global market.

- Outstanding founders, execution capable management team.

- Technology – innovative.

- Total capital needs – up to $10MM for full plan execution.

- Visible solid business model and capacity to generate initial revenues within a relatively short period of time.

The process

StarTau and PLUS Ventures team are here to help you along with submitting your initiative for review.

You are more than welcome to contact us with any question at: tau@plusventures.co.il.

Once you submit a short presentation of your idea and it passes the initial screening, you will be invited to an introductory meeting at PLUS Ventures offices. Your team and ours will get to know each other, and we'll examine your venture from a more personal aspect, in order to see how all of us might benefit.

So now that we've met, it's time for us to make the decision. Having done that, and in case we see all of us may profit from a partnership around your venture, we move on to discuss and agree on the general terms of the investment.

All agreed and content we now approach the approval of the OCS (Office of the Head Scientist).

Once approved by the Head Scientist our definitive agreement is signed and the funds for your venture are now transferred.

And now-

Let the adventure begin…

Contact TAU PLUS

Do you have a great idea?

Contemplating on how to present it?

Or is your idea already formed?...

In any case, we'd love to hear from you!