SiTong Shu

Senior at Sprayberry HS

My Favorite Subject... biology! No kidding. I enjoy learning about how life works and the processes that happen to make it possible. I took an Honors Human Anatomy course last year and it became one of my favorite classes. I took an Honors Biology course my freshman year but I'm looking forward to going more in depth on this topic. I'm also planning to take AP Environmental Science in the spring.

GVS Experience

I am taking this class because I have been wanting to since freshman year but of course now it won't fit into my schedule during school. I have had a few online class experiences. I took online PE on Cobb Virtual Academy and Physics over the summer on GVS. I am currently also taking AP Microeconomics on GVS.

I would like this class to prepare me for college since I plan on majoring in biology. I hope to eventually go into the medical field.

My Top 3 College Choices

My Activities

  • Band - Clarinet
  • Marching Band - Drum Major
  • Georgia Youth Symphony Orchestra
  • Psychology Club
  • National Honor Society
  • Tri-M
  • Key Club

Interesting Facts

  • I am Chinese and have lived here in the US almost all my life.
  • My name is pronounced "See-Tong".
  • I have two pet parakeets named Peanut and Butter (picture is Butter with poop on her head).
  • I have a bad habit of staying up really late and falling asleep during the day.
  • My favorite movie is Easy A.
  • My favorite book series is the Hunger Games and I'm very excited for the new movie.
  • My favorite type of music is instrumental pieces but my favorite band is OneRepublic.