Local News Update


'The whole world was shaking!'

At 5.04 pm yesterday a powerful earthquake rocked San Francisco killing 63 people , injuring hundreds and leaving thousands homeless.

The two-tier Bay Bridge and Nimitz freeway both partially collapsed and rescuers are working frantically to save anyone trapped in this deadly free way, with around 200 people said to be dead already. At Candlestick park many fans expected to see a great preformance between the Giants and the Athlectics however they got more than they bargined for , when cracks started to appear on the playing field and chucks of metal stated flying from the stands , now thats a 'Home run!'

The Marina district was described as a ''raging inferno'' yesterday by the loacals as flat blocks and homes caught alight when a gas main exploded. Firefighters tired to do what they could but the blaze was unable to be controlled and raged on on through the night!

The epicentre of the quake, which measured 6.9 on the Richter scale, is thought to have been Loma Prieta, 10 miles north of Santa Cruz on the San Andreas fault.

A massive rescue effort is now underway in what experts believe is the second biggest earthquake ever to hit the US.