Skin Cancer

by Dallas Liming

What is skin cancer?

Skin cancer is a environmental non-communicable disease that is the uncontrolled growth of unwanted skin cells that occur when when DNA that hasn't been repaired damage the skin cells. It happens when the melanoma develops when normal pigment-producing skin cells called melanocytes became unusual, grow out of control, and invades the tissue. The melanoma usually hide in moles and other skin growths.

How can skin cancer be caused?

Skin cancer is caused by light exposure which is mostly from tanning beds and sunlight. Another thing that causes skin cancer is exposure to high levels from x-rays. Skin cancer also is caused by the impairment of the immune system which is when the immune system gets weakened or damaged. Lastly skin cancer is caused by is contact with certain chemicals like hydrocarbons in tar, and oils.

Treatments for skin cancer

One treatment for skin cancer is chemotherapy cream which is to treat solar keratosis and bowen's disease. Another treatment for skin cancer is a drug called interferon which is often used for high levels of skin cancers.

How do people get skin cancer easier?

People get skin cancer easier by people that gets freckles and sunburns easily. Also people with a lighter hair color, or you have blue or green eyes. Another way is if you have already had skin cancer and been treated with it. Also people can get it by have a lot of moles or unusual moles given at birth, or if you had a close family member that had got skin cancer. Also if you have gotten a severe sunburn in early life you can get skin cancer easier.

How to prevent or delay skin cancer

To help prevent skin cancer you can try to stay in the shade from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Also try not to get sunburned by using sunscreen with a sun protecting factor of 15 or higher every day. Another way to prevent skin cancer is to avoid tanning beds and never use UV tanning beds. cover up with clothing sometime even a hat that blocks out the sun and sunglasses


What i have learned from studying this disease is that you can get skin cancer from x-rays and tanning beds. Also that if you get freckles or sunburns easily you are more likely to get skin cancer. Another thing that i have learned from studying this disease is that if you were born with unusual or a lot of moles when you were born you can get skin cancer easier than most other people.