Choose Oligarchy for Government

What is Oligarchy?

In a Oligarchy government, a small group of people have control over a country, organization, or an institution. Oligarchy is a Greek word that means "rule by a few." Sometimes this means that only a certain group has political rights, such as members of one political party, one social class, or one race.

Who is the head of this type of government?

The head of this government is a group of powerful elites. These certain people have control over all of the people of this society.

Why I am in Favor

I am in favor for Oligarchy because with this type of government, a group of people are in charge so there will be more order in a community and it will be safer. Another reason why I am in favor for Oligarchy is because I believe that in order to maintain a controlled society, I think that certain people should be in charge instead of people being free because then things would be out of control and we would turn into a Anarchy government.

How laws are made in this type of government?

The small group of people that rules, gets together and they make a decision, then they use the power that they have to push the law they want through congress until it is allowed.

What rights do citizens have? Can they vote?

This type of government runs some what like a dictatorship, but just some people share the power. The people don't have any rights and they cannot vote.

Examples of countries that have this type of government.

  • Cuba
  • Venezuela
  • North Korea
  • Pakistan
  • Tunisia

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