October Newsletter 2018

Prospect United Methodist Church

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“There are 8500 fewer Christians EVERY DAY in the Western World. That fact alone should change EVERYTHING about the way we are doing Church and the way we’re living out our faith.” - Dr. Timothy Tennent, President, Asbury Theological Seminary, September 20, 2018.

In a world that greets us with sad and shocking news on a near daily basis, this news truly breaks my heart.

On the one hand, this fact indicates that every day there are vastly more Christians going on to heaven than there are new Christians receiving the promise of heaven (i.e. more people are dying than accepting Christ). To reverse, or even lessen this trend, we can either keep our current Christians brothers and sisters alive a little longer (not a bad thing) or we can recommit to the Great Commission that Jesus gave us to go out and make disciples (a really good thing).

We’ll let the medical community deal with the first option. The latter is our responsibility… It begins with inviting friends, neighbors, coworkers and classmates into opportunities that will help them rub shoulders with Jesus. It could be a simple invitation to come serve at our Turkey Dinner or to partner with you as you fulfill the Christmas wish list for a Chaddock child. You might invite a neighbor to join us as we roll bandages for United Methodist Health Ministries or to pass out candy with you at our Trunk or Treat celebration. Eventually, you might even invite them to a small group Bible study or to worship.

“Making disciples” continues as we nurture our children and youth towards decisions for faith in Jesus. The Barna Institutes’ long-standing research indicates that at least 64% of all Christians in America accepted Christ as Savior before turning 18 (43% make this decision before turning 14). If you haven’t noticed…there are a lot of children and youth running around Prospect, and there are a few thousand more who call the Dunlap community home.

What does this mean for Prospect?

It means our ministries to children and youth are critical!

They are also “undermanned.” We need you: praying, serving, encouraging, and equipping our youngest Prospectors within the congregation’s ministries to help them grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.

The 8500 less Christians each day statistic also implies that many are stepping away from the Christian faith. They have been wounded or neglected by other Christians; the Church has failed to nurture their faith; or they simply don’t see the story of Christ’s redemptive love being lived out in a way that helps fan the flame of faith. They, and we, need revival!

And revival isn’t a scary thing. Revival happens whenever we yield to the Holy Spirit more completely, worship more passionately, and serve more devotedly. That’s what we’re all about at Prospect: helping you get more in touch with the Holy Spirit, offering you opportunities to worship passionately, and opening doors for you to serve our church family and the community with the love of Jesus so that the fire of both your faith and theirs can burn brighter! As our 2019 Stewardship Campaign kicks off…I would invite you to join me in praying for revival, first for yourself and then for our church, before letting the Lord lead you to decisions that God will use to make this revival happen!

To God Be The Glory,

<><, Pastor Steve

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October calendar below!

You can also download the printable version by clicking on the link!

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Treasurer's Report

Summer is over and it is now Fall and the weather really feels like it. The colors are beginning and you can see the farmers are really busy. The committees at PUMC have been busy getting ready for fall and the new year. The finance committee is so thankful to those committees that have submitted their budgets for 2019 so we could vote on them and begin to get the proper papers ready for the charge conference which will be November 5, 2019. We will have the opportunity to meet our new D.S. at this year's charge conference as well.

A big thank you to all of you that have made the new parking lot a reality. It looks so nice and the Trustees have been wanting to do this for some time. We will be accepting funds for UMCOR for several weeks for the disaster relief on the east coast. We have collected $500.00 thus far. There will be a need for some time with the clean up in that area.

As you have heard, we are gearing up for the annual Turkey Supper and Silent Auction. Your help is needed as this is not only a fundraiser for the church but an opportunity for our church to interact with many people of the community. It really is a great social evening. We need all of you to help in some way so please sign up as soon as possible so we know all of the committees are covered.

Also please think about what you can donate to the auction.

We have paid our financial obligations to date and that is a great feeling. Our stewardship drive will kick off this Sunday so please pray about what you can do for 2019 for PUMC so we can continue to grow deep and reach wide.

Have a great Fall.

God Bless, Bonnie Mankle, Treasurer


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Givers and Stewards Prospect’s 2019 Stewardship Campaign

It’s time for us to ask you about your “giving plans” for 2019. We call it our “Stewardship Campaign,” but many of you are thinking that “stewardship” is just a polite way of referring to financial giving to the church. In reality, it’s far more than that.

A genuine definition of Christian Stewardship includes “receiving God’s gifts gratefully, cherishing them, tending them in a responsible and accountable manner, sharing them through a loving relationship with God and others, and returning them with increase to the Lord.” Stewardship embraces a holistic lifestyle of accountability and responsibility, acknowledging God as the Creator and Owner of everything. Stewards, as disciples of Jesus Christ, thus see themselves as caretakers of all God’s gifts. Gratitude for these gifts is expressed in prayer, worship, action and offering whenever we demonstrate eagerness to share our gifts out of love for God and for one another.

Joyful Giving becomes a bi-product of a faithful stewardship mindset. Giving requires that we put God’s priorities before our own; that we put the support of God’s Church and its mission before our own pleasure and comfort. In talking about giving through faithful stewardship, the phrase “time, talent and treasure” is frequently used.

So, we are once again inviting you to consider your stewardship plans for 2019 in three specific areas:

• Offer 1 more unit of time to Prospect and your own spiritual growth (1 break from the schedule every day, 1 hour per week, 1 more Sunday in worshipper month, 1 day in service per quarter, etc.). Our leadership team wants to see all of our members committed to Growing DEEP in Jesus beyond the Sunday morning worship hour. Consider joining a small group/Bible study, embracing a role within our Children’s, Youth or Older Adult Ministries, or become a member of a Church Ministry Team/Committee (worship, missions, education, finance, trustees, communications, etc.).

• Lend your talent to one more 1 activity within the life of Prospect. We have a ton of short term/one day events in the life of the congregation, each designed to help us Reach WIDE with the love of Jesus: Homecoming Parade Outreach, Turkey Dinner/Silent Auction, Spring and Fall Grounds Clean-Up Days, Trunk or Treat, Chaddock Mission Trip, Loaves and Fish Saturday feeding ministry, Youth Bible study leader, Children’s Ministry Bible Buddy, Home Communion Visitation Ministry, Prayer Team intercessor, etc. Consider partnering with a friend to lead, or “champion,” an existing event or to help us start something new at Prospect. Make it “your thing” and help us make it a great event/ministry in the life of our church. As Mike Pilavachi, New Room Conference Speaker, recently put it, “If you are a Christian and you are breathing…you’re qualified!”

• Give 1% more of your treasure (income) in support of Prospect’s many different ministries as a “grow deep/reach wide for Jesus” congregation. Many of us strive to meet the biblical goal of the “tithe” (giving 10% of our income to God’s Kingdom work while celebrating the 90% that we get to keep for ourselves). For others, that goal seems out of reach. Maybe, for your family, a 1% giving increase in 2019 seems more manageable.

As we prepare for the 2019 Stewardship Campaign, please join us in regularly praying this simple prayer: “Thank you, Good Father, for My Time, My Talent, and My Treasure. Lord, help me steward each well…for your glory and your Kingdom purposes. Amen.”

* Our 2019 Every Member Commitment Stewardship Campaign Kicked-off on September 30th. A listing of ongoing service opportunities and “one day events” will be included in our Stewardship Campaign binders. A financial giving chart, along with information about Prospect’s 2019 budget, and pledge card will also be included in the binders. Finally, we are including an automated giving form in the newsletter (and binders) for those who would like to set-up, and/or adjust, monthly automated-withdrawal giving to Prospect.

Automated Withdrawal Forms

If you use the Automated Withdrawal System to make your regular offerings to Prospect, and your pledge will include a change in your giving amount (or you want to change the timing of your withdrawals), you will need to complete a new Automated Withdrawal Form. The forms will be located in the binders you will receive during the Stewardship campaign as well as page or you can download a copy below.

As always, your commitments of time, energy and finances are all greatly appreciated!

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New Members and Baptism

We know how difficult it is to get everyone together on the same Sunday, so are excited to announce that we will work to welcome new members/schedule baptisms based on the best options for your family schedules. Please contact Pastor Steve (or the church office) if you are interested in learning more about membership and/or baptism (for yourself or your children).
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Interested in hosting a parking spot on October 28th?! A volunteer sign-up is available at the Welcome Desk or you can shoot Dani an email to get you on the list.
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A church cleaning date will be set for one of the Saturdays in mid October to prepare the church for the Turkey Supper/Silent Auction. The date will be included in the bulletin as soon as it is established. The trustees need your help in this major cleaning activity.

The parking lot project is finally completed with the striping in place. Thanks for everyone's patience as we waited for the asphalt to cure and the contractor compete the sealing and stripping.


2018 Annual Fall Landscaping Clean Up Dates:

October 24th and November 7th

Place your landscaping yard waste in a separate container clearly marked "yard waste" or in paper craft bags. Max weight of bags: 50 lbs

*This is included in your reuse and recycling service, at no additional cost!

2018 Fall Bulk Disposal Date:

October 27th, 8:00am-2:00pm @ North Park

(For large items that will not fit in your regular waste receptacle.)

Not allowed: any "white" appliances (those with Freon), construction materials, chemicals, electronics or wet paint (paint must be dried or in kitty litter for landfill).

*For Dunlap residents only, ID and proof of address required.

HIGHWAY CLEAN-UP: October 27th

LAST Highway Clean-Up of the year!!!

For all of you new members and friends, PUMC is responsible for cleaning Cedar Hills Dr. From Knoxville/Rt. 40 to Bland Rd. (See map below.)

We need 6-10 people meeting in the Banner School parking lot at 9:00 a.m. for approximately 1 hour on usually the last Saturday of the month. If there is a Sunday School class or family that would like to do it as a group but at a different time/day, that is great -- just get in touch with Lois Yoches (243-5062).

The county supplies the neon, reflective vests and trash bags; each person should bring working gloves and sturdy shoes. The cleanup works best if one person stays on the top portion of the ditch and one covers the lower part so no one has to walk up and down the steep ditch.

Last date of the season is Saturday, October 27th! See you in the Banner School parking lot at 9:00 am!

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Tickets are now available for purchase!

Cost in Advance: $13 adult and $6 child (5-12 years). Tickets at the door: $14 adult/$7 child.

You can buy your tickets every Sunday in the gathering area or stop by the church office week days.

Volunteer sign-ups are also available every Sunday in the Gathering Area. Help needed: Approximately 140.


Collection of donations has kicked off for the 2018 Silent Auction! Donation items can be returned on Sundays and placed in the outer office or you can drop them off to Dani, weekdays, in the office! Please turn in the sheet with your donation. Donations are due by October 28th. (You can download a donation sheet by clicking on the link below.)

Need an idea on what to donate? Below are items that where a huge success in the past: antiques and collectibles, trips, or use of vacation homes or time shares, gift certificates to anywhere, artwork, photography, floral arrangements, themed baskets, handcrafted items, sports equipment or sport packages, event tickets, and services (donate your time or talents i.e.), baked goods, catered meals, lawn care, snow removal, baby-sitting, handyman for a day, painting, or a lesson. We will accept new items only, except for any antiques or collectibles pre-approved by the auction committee.

Questions? Want to help? We will have a table set up in the gathering area for on Sundays so that we can answer questions about auction items or even how someone can become part of the committee.

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Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief

If you would like to donate to this cause, please send/bring your checks to the church. Your checks should be made out to Prospect United Methodist Church with UMCOR # "901670" on the memo line.

“COATS FOR KIDS” Sponsored by the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is in need of new or CLEAN, gently used coats for all ages. Prospect UMC will have 2 barrels available beginning Monday, October 1st in which to place these much needed coats.

Coats for ALL ages, infant through young adult, are needed. Donate CLEAN, gently used coats or shop the sales and buy a new coat for someone in need.

Cold weather will be here before you know it, and all of God’s children deserve to be warm.

You may donate your coat through October 28th!

World Communion Sunday: A Time of Thanksgiving

When we come together to celebrate the Lord’s Supper old energies are to be centered on the marvelous works of grace God has so extravagantly given us. Today Communion is more often referred to as the Eucharist. Eucharist means Thanksgiving. The most important thing we do when we come to the Communion Table is say, “Thanks!” to Christ for the gift of mercy.

World Communion Sunday, October 7th, is an event that transcends denominations and writes all to the community in the Body of Christ. This world would really be enhanced if all focused on that which is held in common rather than differences, Holy Communion reunites the Church. “Because there is one loaf, we who are many, are one body in Christ.” Therefore, our focus on October 1st will be on how to get over our differences and find common power to live in Christ. The Eucharist is to be a positive celebration, reunion, prayer for healing, and a sacred time to put others before ourselves. As a part of doing so, there will be an opportunity to give a special offering to bless the lives of all God’s children.


We will be rolling bandages for Global Health Ministries on October 18th and October 31st at the church at 3:30 pm. Global Health Ministries sends containers of medical supplies to mission hospitals all over the world.


Because of your continual support, the pantry is able to meet the year-round needs of our guests from the community. There will always be a constant need for some items, though.

We could still use the following items: Mac n Cheese, Chili, Chili Beans, Chicken and Beef Broth, Soups: Cream of Mushroom, Cream of Chicken, Tomato, Chicken, Noodle, Chicken n Rice, Ramen Noodles, Cranberries, Pumpkin, Jelly & Gravy.

Thanks again, for coming to the Pantry's rescue, regularly! -Gloria & Nancy

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A planning meeting for the 2019 Chaddock Adult Mission Trip is set for Sunday, October 21st in-between worship services.

“Share a little Christmas!”

The holidays will be here before we know it. PUMC will again be asked to open their hearts to remember those residents of Chaddock Home with Christmas gifts. Please watch for details in the next newsletter detailing all the information you might need. Thank you to all those who wish to show they care.

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Miss a Sunday?!

No problem! Our Sunday sermons are now posted on-line! You can find them on our website and Facebook page!

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For anyone interested in participating in this year's Christmas Cantata, here is the schedule! The rehearsal nights specifically dedicated to practicing the Cantata are, Oct 24, Nov 28, Dec 5, 12. The sharing of the Cantata will be on December 16th! If you would like a book, email or text Kirsten 309-361-5200. There are 20 members in the choir, but we need 30 in order to perform a cantata, so we are looking for a few people to help!

-Kirsten (309-361-5200)


Oct 3: Rehearsal

Oct 7: In Communion with Me

Oct 10: Rehearsal

Oct 14: What I Have I Will Give Thee

Oct 17: Rehearsal

Oct 21: Bless the Lord O My Soul


Oct 28: OFF/Special Music

Oct 31: Off!

Nov 4: Song of Remembrance

Nov 7: Rehearsal

Nov 11: Jesus Loves Even Me (w/ Prospect Kids)

Nov 14: Rehearsal

Nov 18: Joyful Thanksgiving


Nov 25: OFF/Special Music


Dec 2: There is a Rose


Dec 9: Did you Hear the Good News?


Dec 16: CANTATA- The First Noel

Dec 19: Rehearsal

Dec 23: Celebrate the Dawn, Alleluia

Dec 24: Carol of the Little Angel/Peace, Peace


Dec 30: BREAK

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Our kids aren’t (or shouldn’t be) the only ones still in school. As a church that wants to help you grow deep in Jesus so that we can reach wide for Jesus, we believe that Bible study and small groups are essential for our individual and corporate lives. You can join at any time, there is always room for you!

KYLE SMALL GROUP at PUMC, 6:00PM every other Monday (10/8 & 10/22), open invitation, CO-ED

CAMILLA SMALL GROUP, Wednesday evenings @ 7:00 PM - Camilla’s house, women's group, open invitation (no meeting on October 31st!)

DEEPER STILL 10:00 Sunday mornings - Conference room, open invitation

PARENTING THROUGH THE STAGES 10:00 Sunday mornings - Currently meeting in the Library-location may be changing to the lower level, open invitation

BIBLE STUDIES: Breakfast with Jesus

Tuesday mornings from 8:30-9:30, open invitation (more details below)

(Feel free to contact the church if you're interested in starting/hosting a group at another time and/or location.)

Breakfast with Jesus: the Book of Colossians

Our Tuesday morning Bible study is in the midst of an 8-week study through Paul's Letter to the Church. There is no homework to do between sessions (although many choose to “read ahead”) and nothing to purchase. Each week we will read the text for the day, study it as a group, watch a short video led by Pastor Louie Giglio, and close with some more discussion and prayer. And, just like the early disciples, we’ll eat together as we study together! Even if you have to miss a week, the videos are available to watch at home through the RightNowMedia website. (Contact the office if you need help accessing our church account.) We would love to have you join us!


Thank you to all who helped at Dunlap Days and Homecoming!

A thank you also goes out to Al and Jim for the delicious meal at our last meeting. The Methodist Men would also like to thank Brett Strasma for his testimony and explanation of what he does for a living as well as his vision for the new 525 service during our last meeting.

The next meeting will be October 1st at 6:00 pm in the fellowship hall. A light meal will be provided.

Please consider joining us for our meetings and events. All are welcome-young and old!!! Enjoy the good food & company! If there are questions, let Perry Camp know @ 309-678-5767 or pcamp1960@yahoo.com.


Next Meeting: Monday, October 29th at 7:00pm.

We chose the name Mary-Martha after we remembered the story in Luke 10: 38-42. Some of us in the group feel we’re like Martha moving from task to task. But we aim to be like Mary too, able to be still and learn from Jesus.

We give to Crittenten, Lessie Bates Neighborhood House East St. Louis, Cunningham Children's home, Silent Auction, Chaddock Christmas Child, 100% of our funds are given to mission.

We welcome all ladies to join us!


Everyone is welcome to join us as we talk about the PUMC book of the month. You don’t have to say anything if you’d rather not. You don’t even have to read the book!

Our last meeting of 2018 will be Thursday, November 15, at 6:30 p.m. in the Lounge to discuss Forty Autumns: A Family’s Story of Courage and Survival on Both Sides of the Berlin Wall by Nina Willner, 2016, 416 pp including dozens of photographs.

Willner, a former American military intelligence officer, tells about her intelligence work in East Berlin as well as the story of five women in her family. These five were separated by the Iron Curtain for more than forty years. They fought to preserve family and finally were able to reunite after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Questions? Suggestions for books to discuss? Contact Nancy Varness at 274-8124 or


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With the kick-off of our second service, Soul Cafe now takes place in between services. Children now receive their soul cafe treat in their Sunday school classroom. The soul cafe volunteers bring the treats and beverages to the Sunday school classrooms right before 1st service is ending. Soul cafe volunteers, don't worry, Camilla & Mary will be available to help with this for the first several weeks!

DHS Homecoming Parade Wrap-Up

We enjoyed another beautifully warm afternoon for the 2018 DHS homecoming parade on Thursday September 20. With temperatures in the 90's the ice cold lemonade and water went down fast & tasted good. The hot dogs and chili were very tasty as well. Thank you to everyone, especially the Men’s club, for all your help with this popular event in the village. It was so uplifting to see the sunshine & hear the children of all ages chat among themselves.


We are also in the works of getting home communion up and going. Please see Mary Pietreniak if you are interested in serving or receiving in this ministry.

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Youth News

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Hey Prospect!

Fuel Fall is here! We’re working towards trying to get our students from being disciples to ministers at their schools. We are doing this with intentional discipleship, as we are going through the book “In The Name of Jesus” by Henri Nouwen. This book deals with what it’s like to be Christian leaders and intentional followers of Jesus, as well as why life with Christ is worthwhile. Please be praying for our students and leaders as we travel through this book together!

There will also be a parent group going through this book as well! Contact Evan if you are interested!

We will continue to meet the last Sunday night of the month. Please be praying for students who may not know The Lord to be coming into our doors!

Also, we are always looking for small group leaders to go through “In The Name of Jesus” with students! If you are interested in becoming a disciple-maker with students, please give Evan a text or call at 309-258-9917!

Thanks and God Bless! Evan Penn


Sunday morning Bible Study at 9:45am

October 28th - FUEL from 5:30-7:00pm

Children's Ministry NEWS

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Fall is underway and we are gearing up for some exciting activities. On September 16 during the service as part of the Children’s Message, our 3rd and 4th graders were presented with Bibles. After the service, we all headed outside to celebrate Fall Kingdom Quest Kick-Off and Back to Church Sunday. The Methodist Men cooked over 100 hot dogs which were served with chips, sweet treats from the Mary Martha Bake Sale, and lemonade. Thanks to Al Cornish, Perry Camp, and Gary Hoadley. The kids enjoyed playing in the bounce house and participating in the bike parade led by the fire truck. Thanks to the Brett and Rebekah Strasma and Kirsten for providing music. Truly a great celebration for our Church family!

Our new Toddler Activity Room in the lower level is up and running. Children ages 3 – 6 years old are welcome to go to the Toddler Activity Room following the Children’s Message during the first service. One of our nursery workers will supervise. We encourage all children 7 years and older to stay in the service and use the activity bags.

Fall Kingdom Quest classes are off to a great start. All children are asked to gather in the lower level following the first service for a special Soul Café, music practice with Miss Pam and Miss Amy and then to their appropriate classrooms for Kingdom Quest. My thanks to and appreciation for our teachers, Jamie Hafele, Nikki Pollard, Brittany Swindenhammer, Jackie Benningfield, and Beth Pichaske.

There will be four nursery workers on staff each Sunday morning. Two will be in the nursery from 8:30 – noon. The other two workers will be in the Toddler Activity Room and assist with Kingdom Quest Classes. If they are not already, all nursery workers will be CPR certified.


More information will be forthcoming concerning the Bible Buddies Program. This program pairs one of our third and fourth grade youths who just received a Bible with an adult mentor to engage in a Bible study.

Mark your calendars for the following upcoming events:

Trunk or Treat – Scheduled for Sunday, October 28 from 4:00 – 5:30. Weather-permitting, we will be outside in the parking lot. If the weather does not cooperate, we will move inside to the fellowship hall. We will be serving hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, and lemonade, along with lots of sweet treats! Sign-up sheets are available at the Hospitality Center.

In November, we are planning a movie night. Date and time is to be determined.

In December, we will be planning our Happy Birthday, Jesus party. Details will be forthcoming.

Whew!!! There is a lot going on in Children’s Ministry!!! If you have any questions/concerns/comments/ideas, please contact Pat at 677-3979.


We are in need of a decent sized area rug to go in one of our youth Kingdom Quest classes downstairs. If you have a spare, in good condition, that you would be willing to donate, we would greatly appreciate it!


During our first month of preschool, we have been busy getting to know our students. Our three year olds are off to a great start and are enjoying their sensory table, learning zoo phonics, and have been creating all sorts of art projects. Our Pre-K has been practicing writing their names, working with scissors, learning letters A, L, and S and numbers 1 and 2, and reading stories by our Author of the Month, James Dean and Eric Litwin who write about Pete the Cat. The Pre-K class also learned about apples and got to help make applesauce in the classroom. We are looking forward to learning about fire safety in October and of course pumpkins and Halloween are other October preschool highlights. I am pleased to announce that we have 35 students currently enrolled in our preschool programs. Our Pre-K class is full with a waiting list, but we do still have openings in our Thursday-Friday three year old class. Students must be potty trained but can start attending as soon as they have had their third birthday. Tuition for this 2 day a week program is $135 per month.

Please contact me through Dani in the Church Office at 243-7300 or e-mail me at pollard724@comcast.net if you have any questions or you would like a tour or if you are interested in enrolling a child in preschool.

Nikki Pollard—Director, Purple Panda Preschool

After Care is also in full force, but we will still take applications for new students. Contact Dani if you would like to register your child for after care!

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Right Now Ministry (online small group and devotional resources)

Prospect subscribes to the RightNowMinistry (“the Netflix of Christian Bible study”) resource, which provides all of our members with access to 1000’s of video led curriculums including offerings specifically geared towards books of the Bible, Parenting, Marriage, Single Living, Men, Women, Teens, Children, Leadership and Finances from a Christian perspective, and more.

Contact Pastor Steve if you do not have access to the rightnowmedia.org site (or have forgotten your log-in).


Click the link below to download the 52-week Bible reading plan!

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Prospect UMC

Lifting Up Christ; Looking In to meet one another’s spiritual and physical needs; Reaching Out to love and serve others.
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