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A Behavior Check in Room 116

Our poem last week was a reminder of how to treat one another. We discussed tug o'war behavior vs. hug o'war behavior. We agreed that the hug o'war behaviors of kindness, helpfulness and obedience are appropriate for Room 116. However, we will certainly be ready for the tug o'war at Patriot Games (field day) on April 29.
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Adding Three Numbers Our Own Way

The children know different tricks to add three numbers. You can start with adding the two largest numbers and then the third. You can add doubles first. You might make a group of ten and then add on. You might see a next door neighbor combination and think of double and add more and then add the third number. Every student is allowed to find the combination that works with the knowledge he has already learned. When you step back and observe your child thinking, you will be amazed at he/she can do.
Adding Three Numbers

Adding and Subtracting By Tens

One of the standards for first grade is to add and subtract by tens. The standard is to focus on the numerals that end in with zero. We work on this skill every day during calendar. Use the 120 sheet found in the red take home folder. Call out different addition and subtraction combinations. If your child finds this easy then challenge him/her with adding and subtracting groups of tens from other numbers that don't end in a zero.
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Community 6 Patriots Help Mrs. McDevitt

Once a month students from Community 6 can earn the opportunity to help Lead Learners in the lower grades. Last Friday, two outstanding young leaders from Community 6 helped Room 116 work on math fluency. One of the young men we already knew a lot about since he is the older brother of a Room 116 member. It was special to see him in our classroom instead of just hearing about him. Mrs. McDevitt has high expectations for the people that she allows to work in Room 116. She said these two young men were so good that they could come back anytime. It is nice to know that PRS has outstanding Patriots in all the grade levels.

Learning From An Expert

Mr. Pete McGough,retired State Hurricane Program Manager, visited Community One to share how the oceans affect the weather, to understand the difference between a hurricane and a tornado, as well as the difference between a weather warning and watch. He had a model demonstrating a tornado. The students were encouraged to touch the tornado simulation. Below the slide show is a link to make a tornado model at home using soda pop plastic bottles.
Learning From An Expert

From Birmingham to Room 116

This Papa drove down from Birmingham with the agenda of reading to Room 116! That is quite the compliment and quite the surprise! You never know who is going to be the Mystery Reader! The hug that resulted once the Mystery Reader entered our classroom probably made that drive back up I-65 seem like it was just across town. Room 116 is fortunate that they are surrounded by readers in their school lives and in their personal lives.

Writers Are Thinkers

When a student in Room 116 takes a blank piece of paper and writes a story on it, he demonstrates that he is a thinker. We take our Writer's Workshop time very seriously. Mrs. McDevitt found a message on the back cover of an informational book stating "Thank you for learning." That author wrote a special message to the reader of her book. Room 116 certainly understands their audience when writing a book.
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Information For the Upcoming Week

Remember that sight words are high frequency words in literature. These words need to be read accurately and instantly upon sight. Sight word schedule for the next nine weeks:

3.7: saw, some, thank, too
3.14: could, give, yes
3.29: may, open, over
4.4: any, just, under, walk,
4.11: away, next, think,
4.18: review
4.25: review
5.2 : review
5.9: review
5.16: review
5.23: review

Mrs. Callicott will be starting a unit on fractions in math. The students will be working on equal and unequal parts. The vocabulary for this unit will be fractions, half, halves, fourths, and quarters. The students will also be working with family of facts and adding three numbers.

Mrs. McDevitt will finish up informational text writing this week. Mrs. Callicott will begin a study on opinion writing. Be prepared to hear a lot of opinions from your member of Room 116.

Reading has us predicting, making connections, reading for meaning, and practicing fluency. The children have the opportunity to bring home a class library book to practice reading at home. Remember our class motto: THE MORE YOU PRACTICE, THE BETTER YOU GET. Contact Mrs. McDevitt if a book is not coming home.

Utilize the school's subscription to SUMDOG and practice reading and math at home.

Book Fair Begins Tuesday

If you need to freshen up your home library, the PRS book fair will open for purchases on Tuesday. Room 116 will visit the book fair on Monday just to BROWSE. You may send money with your child on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Or you may come to the school any time during those days to visit the book fair with your child. The book fair will stay open after school on Thursday to accommodate working parents. Be sure to send any money for the book fair in a labeled envelope. Please consider volunteering at the book fair.

Early Bird Price for the PRS Yearbook

The early bird price for the yearbook is $45. After April 11, the cost goes to $55. Orders will be taken until April 18. You may order a yearbook on-line by visiting the school website.
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Tuesday Night is Free Movie Night

Join the PRS faculty for a free viewing of the documentary Most Likely To Succeed. Register by clicking the link below.
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Upcoming Events

4.5-4.7: Book Fair

4.5: Community Viewing of Most Likely To Succeed Documentary @ 6:00 at St. James United Methodist Church

4.11 Last day for early bird yearbook price

4.18 Final day to purchase a yearbook

4.20: Community 1's field trip to Lanark (unlimited chaperones - no younger siblings)

4.25: Professional Development Day for Lead Learners - No school for students

4.29: Field Day (Patriot Games) for k-6

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A List of Websites Suggested By Mrs. McDevitt

In case you are interested in some suggested websites. Click on the box to be redirected to the website.

The PRS Calendar for 2016-17 School Year

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