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The enhanced version of yahoo homepage

Yahoo has always been popular for the update it brings to its platform. It understands that user only like to use a platform that is enhanced and user friendly and thus it keeps on updating it approaches as per the changed and innovative world. Yahoo has millions of user connected with it and it takes care of every user associated with its platform

Yahoo is famous for its wide range of services. The first think that a user notice on an opening a yahoo home page is its advantageous service. It is recently that yahoo has changed the look of its homepage. Now with its homepage itself it provides enhanced features. The new update is interesting to use. To learn about this update and to get help to it make a call to yahoo phone number.

The new update in the yahoo homepage brings up a cleaner and personalised look of the yahoo that serves with easy to use yahoo features within the homepage itself. It is modeled with the enhance feature of endless scrolling according to which as the user scroll the yahoo homepage loads news stories every time without actually clicking on more content option.

The new yahoo homepage is advanced in a manner that provides easy access to its various applications including the yahoo news, yahoo trends, yahoo forecasting, yahoo weather, horoscope, stock news etc. It also let you get into your mail account and see birthdays of your friends by getting into your facebook account right from the yahoo home page. With the home page itself you can get into the Flickr account.
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With its new homepage it also allows a new feature with which a user can save a story which he wish to read later again. For these yahoo has enabled a special button by clicking it you can store stories for later reading purposes.

The new yahoo page is more enhanced and it provides more cleaner and easy to use platform for its users. With its personalized services it let users use all its application at the one space itself. The story headlines include the top stories as selected by the editorial team of yahoo and it also let user to read other important stories as well.

This new homepage that yahoo has brought up for its user is not restricted to its Indians users rather this advancement of new yahoo homepage is also availiabe for users of various other nations including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

This is really a useful yahoo update that yahoo has incorporated for its users. With this yahoo has made its homepage more user friendly but in case if user face any problem with this new update he may take easy help from yahoo helpline number.