Help this endangered animal!

Why are they endangered, and whats being done to help them?

-Ruining their habitat.

- Decline in prey and loss of habitat, cheetahs are endangered. (Prlog)

-Are excellent hunters, but because of the habitat loss, cheetahs need plain lands for hunting. (Ecological Problems)

-Cheetahs Conservation Fund is a group that helps raise money for Cheetahs and causes awareness. (

Food & Habitat

-eat hyenas, zebras, birds (Lions.Org)

- animals that are less than 90 pounds. (According to Wiki)

-grasslands of East Africa

-In Savannah, and Semi-Deserts

-Namibi, located in Africa has highest population of Cheetahs

Description & Adaptations

-Pattering spots

-Weigh about 75 to 145 pounds

-About 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 feet long

-Speed can go up to 75 mph

-Long, and bulk, and strong teeth structure

-Hide and ambush prey (makalapa)

Help Cheetahs from being Endangered !

Help Cheetahs from being Endangered, visit to donate or help the act.