Mrs. Drudy's L.A. News 09/21/2015

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What We're Learning in 6th Grade Language Arts

Spelling Multisyllabic Words

We can make the generalization that long words are often easier to spell if you study them syllable by syllable: pos si bil i ty. The words in our upcoming spelling list have up to six syllables in them. Encourage your child to break these words down one beat, or syllable, at a time when spelling them.

The Universe

We are reading The Universe, a nonfiction selection. We will focus upon main ideas and details. We know we can find the topic of a paragraph or article by asking what it is about. Find the main idea by looking for the most important idea about the topic. To help find the main idea, notice supporting details that tell more. Details are smaller pieces of information about the main idea.

Notes from the Teacher

Coming Up:

Friday, Sept. 25: Scholastic Book Orders Due

Wed., Sept. 30: School Pictures

Friday, Oct. 9: End of the nine weeks (10 A.R. points due)