Child Labor

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  • In this picture a young child poses for a picture after finishing is job of cleaning chimneys

Major Jobs connected with child labor

  • Coal Mines - Working in coal mines a big part on making steam. In order to make steam you must have water and heat. To provide heat they had to burn coal, and lots of it. Therefore coal mines used a large part of the Victorian Child Labor force in the 1800’s.
  • chimney sweep - It was a brutal, dreary existence for child chimney sweeps. Some were as young as 3 years old. Their tiny size made them a popular choice for going down the narrow chimney stacks.

Profit over the life of children

In this picture i think it shows Companies would do anythings to make profits even if it means death of children
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Punishments Children Faced

  • Children were also punished for arriving late for work and for talking to the other children.
  • In some factories children were dipped head first into the water cistern if they became too tired to work.
  • Children were usually hit with a strap to make them work. faster.

Conditions in Factorys

As you can see there where many people in a small area, were it would be hot and breathing conditions would be terriable
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Working Conditions for Children

  • Factory workers had to face long hours, poor working conditions, and job instability.
  • Factory conditions were also poor and, in some cases, deplorable. Lack of effective government regulation led to unsafe and unhealthy work sites.
  • Rarely did an employer offer payment if a worker was hurt or killed on the job

Accidents in the workplace

in this chat it shows many different workplace injuries and deaths.
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Accidents that often happen

Poster for help

A poster show support against Child labor
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Laws to help Child Labor