I Even Funnier

By: James Patterson

I even funnier summary

Jamie Grimm is a stand up comedian, but the only thing is, he is in a wheelchair. Jamie lives in Long Beach with his aunt Smiley's family. They are called Smileys, even though they never smile or laugh. Jamie wants to go to Las Vegas for semi- final comic contest.

The conflict of the book is- man vs self

Jamie is scared and nervous to go onstage for his comedy. He still manages to go up there and do amazing.
" If there is no struggle, there is no progress." - Fredrick Douglas
Pg. 317 " This gives me a little more time to mop the tsunami of sweat off my face.
This is a story about courage, bravery.
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Details about Jamie Grimm

Nervous, funny, smart, humorous, nice, caring

Traits- brave, confidence, courageous, friendly

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Details about Uncle Frankie

Old, caring, nice

Traits- Caring, Friendly, loyal

Things that symbolizes

His wheelchair symbolizes the car crash that killed his family, and put him in a wheelchair.
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