November Classroom Guidance

Kindergarten & 1st

Whole Body Listening:

Read story, Howard B. Wigglebottom & discuss good listening vs. bad listening habits

Play whole body listening smartboard game: (on dropbox)

Play interactive game to practice listening habits.

Draw picture for class book

2nd Grade

Self Control:

Bubbles activity

Connect activity with self control

Talk about meaning of self control

Remote controls

Writing for class book

3rd Grade

Attractors & Repellors:

Show class magnets and discuss properties

Talk about how our behaviors are like magnets too...they can either attract people to us (make them want to be our friend) or repel them from us (make them not want to be our friend). Brainstorm a list of attractors & repellors on the board

Play Attractors & Repellors game to review

Check In

4th & 5th grade

Conflict Resolution/Kelso's Choice

Talk about problems that commonly happen in 4th (or 5th grade). Talk about what they currently do to solve them.

Go over Kelso's wheel for conflict resolution strategies

Have students write on an index card a problem they are currently having.

Around the room, posters will be posted with each conflict resolution strategy.

As you read outloud the problems, students must go to the option that they think could help.

Check In