An Earthly Green Week

Greetings Parents,

Thank you to all the parents who donated books to the class, and thank for expanding the class's library.

I was glad to see that almost all the students in my class got a chance to buy a book or more from the book fair. Most importantly I was happy to see eager readers.

Overall the students were eager to learn and were of full of energy. They were creative and had plenty of environment friendly ideas for Earth Day.

Please read the following reminders carefully:

1. Report Cards

  • Report cards go home today. Please sign and return them by Monday, April 25th.
  • If you wish to schedule a last parent teacher conference, please email me. I'm available at the following days and times:

Before School Hours: M-F/6:30AM-8:15AM

After School Hours: Tues/ Thurs/ Fri/ 4:15PM-5:30PM

2.Homework Binder

  • Because the standardized is going to be next week, the binders will stay at school
  • The students will complete phonics, reading, writing, and math activities from the binder at school.
  • The students will take their binders home on April 29th
  • The spelling test results for this week is in your child's homework folder. Please sign and return it by Monday.

3.Standardized Testing

Kindergarten students will sit for standardized testing as outlined in Ms. Soto’s April Newsletter and in last week’s Cheetah Wrap Up April 25th-27th. Not all students will be testing each day. The testing sessions will be staggered with 7 or less students being tested per test session. There is no prepping that you need to do with your child. The students in grades 1st-7th will be testing all next week and therefore we will have a modified specials schedule. Just send your child to school in the uniform they regularly wear each given day.

What we will ask of you is that April 25th-27th is:

1. Your child comes to school well rested

2. Your child comes to school having eaten a healthy breakfast

3. Your child is in the classroom at 9:00 am

4. Life Touch Pictures

If you didn't return the spring pictures or didn't pay for them, please do so by Monday morning.

5. Weather

  • Make sure that your child has a jacket or a sweater even if it's going to get warmer later in the day.
  • If you want sunscreen to be applied to your child, please fill out the sunscreen form in your child's homework folder( a soft copy is also attached to the email). You can bring the sunscreen and keep it in your child's cubby.

Happy Earth Day

The fourth graders and kindergartners collaborated to paint and make a poster for Earth Day.
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Completing Fact Families Actvities

What We've Learned This Week

Language Arts

1.Close Reading

· The students listened to a “ insects” passage.

· They read the passage as a group and individually

· They circled the words they don’t understand

· They answered the comprehension questions about the reading.


· The students inferred the following words’ meaning from the passage: produce, harmful, and pests

· They defined the word “ repel” in their vocabulary notebook.


  1. We reviewed addition & subtraction
  2. Fact families: we focused on fact families for numbers 3-15.


1.Insects Life Cycle

  • The students were introduced to the insects life cycle and learned new words such as: metamorphosis, larva, pupa, and nymph.
  • They labeled insects body parts ( head, thorax, abdomen, antennae) on distributed insects sheets

2.Earth Day

  • We began our fourth quarter projects, which is going to be recycling and being green, by discussing ways of reusing and recycling recyclable items.
  • The students looked for and collected recyclable items from the playground
  • They brainstormed ideas to reuse these item in the house.
  • They painted planet Earth with their reading buddies and discussed their role in keeping Earth clean


Writing & Handwriting Skills

They practiced writing their spelling words in their journal using 3 activities from the spelling activity sheet (organizing words alphabetically)

Celebrating Earth Day


April 25th

  • Report cards are due back
  • Life Touch pictures and payment are due

April 25-April 27th

  • Standardized Testing
  • Drop off time is no later than 9:00AM

April 29th

  • Spring Dance @ 6:30PM

Exploring Insects

Since we learned about insects life cycles this week and reviewed general facts about insects, The kids went outside to find insects.