General Information about Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is popular UNESCO world heritage listed tourist sight which is located in a Vietnamese district called Van Don. The features a large of islands which are made out of limestone. These limestone of this bay has gone through 500 million years of erosion causing many different types of shapes and sizes.

This site is heritage listed because lots of tourist go to this place and because it has spectacular seascape views.

The coordinates of this site are 20°54′N 107°12′E / 20.900°N 107.200°E.

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The Ha Long Bay economy is pretty stable, last year the GDP rose up by 5% which is slow but the economy is growing. The government were aiming for a 6% increase but this is still good. Most income came from tourism and some from fishing.

In the old times the Soi Nu' people relied on catching fish and shellfish to survive in the Bay.

Change started to come when french tourists started to come to the heritage listed site in the late 19th century which caused the community/economy to grow and to make money and not just relying on fishing.


  1. What are some of the goals that Ha Long government are trying to achieve so Ha Long Bay can become a better place?
  2. What is the average annual income of Ha Log Bay resident?
  3. What religion are most of the resident that live there?

What if

  1. What if Ha long bay didn't make money from their tourism would they be bankrupt?
  2. What if Vietnam was over communist control?
  3. What if there was an earthquake in Ha Long Bay? Could the Ha Long Bay government afford it?


Ha long bay has two ecosystems; one is a tropical, moist rain forest and the other is a marine-coastal ecosystem. There are 100s types of fish that are found at the Bay such as founder, squid, octopi, cuttlefish, shrimps, clams, prawns and crabs.

Ha Long Bay also has various types of birds & mammals such as deer, weasels and squirrels, but there also lots of types of monkeys such as the endangered golden headed langur, which is a monkey that only lives in Vietnam and in one region of China.

Ha Long bay has two seasons: hot and moist summer, and dry and cold winter. The average temperature is from 15°C- 25°C, and annual rainfall is between 2m and 2.2m

There has also been some environmental issues such as removal of mangroves so boats can move freely & Game fishing which is killing endangered species.


  1. Where did the large masses of limestone come from?
  2. Are there any other endangered species than the langur? Why is it endangered?
  3. What is the highest peak in the bay?

What if

  1. What if, Ha Long Bay was located in a arid, dry place? Would be as beautiful as it is now?
  2. What if, there wasn't any marine life, would the land animals still be alive?
  3. What if the limestone suddenly collapsed? What would happen


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Mostly all of the population are clustered in several islands, so they all live togethor not dispersed. But back in 1969 people only lived on 5-10 islands and they were a bit more dispersed then now.


  1. How many people lived in Ha Long bay 2000 years ago?
  2. What Religion are the people who live there?
  3. Do the people who live in Ha Long Bay like people coming to their home?

What if

  1. What if Ha Long Bay was taken over by the english 200 years ago, what would happen?
  2. What if all the lands were inhabited by people, would Ha Long bay be as beautiful as it is now?
  3. What if Ha Long Bay was inhabited by people 200 years ago instead of 2000-4000 years ago. What differences would there be in Ha Long Bay


Before: Use to use paddle boats made out trees from rain forest.

Now: Use motor-powered boats but still use paddle boats for fishing. The use of motor powered boats has made travelling through out the bay easier.


  1. How many boats are there in Ha Long Bay
  2. What are some technologies that the local people made?
  3. Do you think technology would improve?

What if

  1. What if there were no boats?
  2. What if there was a skyscraper in Ha Long Bay?
  3. What if there were hovercrafts in Ha long Bay?


I found that Ha long bay is a beautiful place which has spectacular views and would be a wonderful place to take a break. I thought that the golden headed langur was only found in the bay and a province in China which was interesting. And I learnt that SHEEPT helps us to make learning about an area/site more easier and it also helps to clarify things.