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Week of February 1, 2016

Math - Expressions & Equations

At the end of this week students will be tested on their knowledge of algebraic expressions. In particular, they will be tested on algebra vocabulary, writing expressions, evaluating expressions, identifying equivalent expressions, and combining like terms. Next week we will begin working with simple, one step equations.

Language Workshop

Last week we finished reading the book The Boy in the Striped Pajamas in Language Workshop. Students have worked to compare and contrast the conditions of the Holocaust with those in Japanese-American Internment camps from the same time period.

In continuing our analysis of WWII, students will be working this week to research a specific topic related to the war. They will then write an essay explaining the overall impact of that topic on the events of the war. Students were able to select topics and have access to online resources below.

Valentine's Day Party

Our class Valentine's Day party will be this Friday, January 12 at 2:00. Students are permitted to hand out valentines to their classmates. I do ask that if students are going to bring in valentines that they bring in one for each of their classmates.

Jump Rope for Heart

Our LES Jump Rope for Heart celebration is scheduled for Friday, February 19. Students received information last week about fundraising and prize opportunities. Please look for this information, if your student has not yet brought it home.

February Scholastic Order

If you are interested in placing a Scholastic order this month, I will be placing our class order on Friday, February 19. Students have received their February flyers already and you may also make online orders for our class using the link below.

Upcoming Events

2/12: Valentine's Party at 2:00pm

2/15: No School - President's Day

2/19: Jump Rope for Heart

2/26: Half Day of Student Attendance

Bonnie Pollock

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