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5 easy ways to speed up your PC

PC’s can get annoyingly slow at times. It’s an inconsequential part of owning a computer, especially if you’re one to install programs with disregard. The good news is you can give your computer a new lease of life. There are things you can do to improve its performance. In most cases though, a slow PC is not the consequence of incapable hardware. So even if your PC has aged, it can still serve you, if you treat it well enough. And if you’re not sure on how to do that exactly, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Get a capable antivirus program

The importance of antivirus software cannot be overemphasized. It keeps malicious spyware, malware and adware from infiltrating your system, and keeps you protected from other likely threats. With a good antivirus program, you can periodically scan the system to remove any harmful programs that directly impeded on the performance of your PC.

Declutter your PC

Just because your PC can handle everything you throw at it, doesn’t mean you should. If there are any files and programs that are no longer of service to you, get rid of them. The idea is to free up your computer’s resources, so it can handle basic tasks better. If the resources are limited to begin with, consider making a switch to lighter programs that don’t require much computing power. Clean your desktop, and empty the recycle bin on a regular. The idea is to free up as much space as possible.

Improve startup time

There are programs that are designed to start every time the computer boots. While they give you the convenience of access immediately after start-up, they are intensive, and only work to slow down your computer. In most cases, they don’t need to run every time the computer runs, so consider disabling them.

Conduct regular disk cleanups

Disk cleanups are natively supported by Windows, so you don’t need to install any new programs for that. Disk cleanups remove temporary and old files, freeing up more hard disk space. You can define the frequency of the cleanups, depending on your computing habits. Heavy users should consider weekly cleanups.

Consider inexpensive upgrades

PC’s are built to support upgrades. As you evolve as a PC user, your needs evolve with you. The computer that served you well last year might be a little underpowered for you today. Consider getting inexpensive upgrades, such as RAM, graphics cards to improve on some processing qualities of your PC.

Finally if all else fails, consider doing a clean install. This is only a plausible option if there is no risk of losing your files (such as when you have a partitioned disk drive). Freshly installed Windows runs flawlessly, and this option is popular with some users. It undoes any changes made to the Windows registry as well as program fragments that refused to quit, making your PC run faster than it ever has before.

These few tips should help you inject some new life into your PC.

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