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Principal Stratton's Update, 3/04/21

Dear Titan Families,

With the return of all Gunn staff to campus this week, we are enthusiastically ramping up for our students' return to campus next week. Much work is being done to prepare our facility, and train staff, students, and families for a smooth return. In addition to the information in this newsletter, please attend the upcoming Principal's Coffee on Monday, March 8th at 4:30 PM. Additionally, students are invited to attend virtual student return to campus orientations offered this Friday morning at 8:00 AM, and again on Monday morning at 8:00 AM. Invitations to those events will be provided to students through Schoology. All events will be recorded and published so that those who cannot attend the live events will be able to access this critical information.

If you are planning for your student to attend next week, please review the directions for the health screener below. Completion of the health screener will need to take place prior to coming on campus each day, for each student. Teachers will not allow students to enter their classes if they do not show up on the ParentSquare application.

Also, please be sure to go through the daily student checklist below with your student, if they plan to opt-in for on-campus classes. Remember, your student can only attend classes on their assigned day, based on their last name. Students with last names beginning with letters A-K may attend classes on campus on any Tuesday or Wednesday. Students with last names beginning with letters L-Z may attend classes on campus on any Thursday or Friday (starting the week of March 8th). Finally, included in this newsletter is a Return to Campus Handbook for Students, as well as a comprehensive video instructing students on all things related to their successful return.

I know this is a lot of information all at once. We will do our best to make this transition happen as smoothly as possible for all involved.


Principal Stratton

Gunn Return To Campus Handbook

Please review this document to learn about procedures and protocols associated with returning to campus. This document will be updated regularly to reflect any changes made over the coming weeks.

Teacher Preparation Time (March 4th & 5th)

Due to campus reopening, teachers have been given time to prepare their classrooms this Thursday and Friday.

  • Students are required to report to their 1st-period class on Thursday and their 5th period class on Friday for attendance purposes.
  • Thursday, March 4th, and Friday, March 5th are Asynchronous days.
  • Assignments will be posted in Schoology for students to complete on those days. Students must log in to Schoology for each class (at some point during the day) in order to get credit for attending.

We Hope You Opt In!

Students will be able to choose whether or not they wish to attend school in person during their two assigned days. If they choose not to attend in person, they are expected to attend remotely just as before. Here are a few important points about this daily model:

  • If a student arrives at school on the day that they are not scheduled to attend, they will be sent home.

  • If more students show up on any given day than the classroom can accommodate, students will be sent to the “overflow room” where the student will Zoom into their class. The overflow room will be supervised by staff members.

ParentSquare Training and Information

Please complete the health screener for your child(ren) by 8:00 AM every day that they are coming to campus. Fill out the survey honestly and keep your child(ren) at home if you answer "Yes" to any of the questions.

If you answer a question incorrectly, you will need to contact your school to clear your child to attend. You will not have another opportunity on the same day to complete the screener.

If your student will not be attending school, you do not need to fill out the screener but you will need to contact your site attendance secretary.

Additional details, instructions, and a quick video can be found on the district website. To download the PAUSD custom app for your mobile device go to the App Store (iOS devices) and the Play Store (Android devices).

On Campus Learning Student Checklist

A parent must complete the Parent Square health screener before students come on campus.

Packing Checklist:

  • Fully Charged Chromebook/Laptop

  • Laptop Charger

  • Gunn lanyard w/photo ID

  • Headphones

  • Filled Water Bottle

  • Lunch (BYO or have the Free Lunch, no delivery)

  • Mask(s) (ready to be put on as soon as you arrive on campus)

  • School supplies needed for your classes

  • Jacket (classroom doors and windows will be open)

Small-Group Cohorts Now Closed

As has been communicated to families, small group cohorts ended this week. Students who participated in the small group cohorts on campus (not including PAUSD plus) are encouraged to opt into the on-campus opportunities beginning next week.

School Photos

On March 8th, the remaining students will have a chance to have their photos taken in Bow gym between 9 AM-4 PM. On Monday, students will not attend their classes via Zoom but are required to log on to Schoology to complete posted assignments.

Because seniors have already submitted portraits for the Yearbook, they will not be scheduled for these pictures. The Yearbook will instead be offering “Silly Seniors” photoshoots for all seniors who want to participate in this dress-up photo tradition. More details will follow. Seniors who need a school ID can contact Leonel Argumedo or Lisa Hall to arrange a time to have a photo taken.

All students will be required to wear face coverings and social distancing safety measures will be in place per county health guidelines. Below is the schedule for photos.

Big picture

Athletics Update

Current sports practicing and playing

  • B/G Cross Country – Finish on 3/20/21
  • B/G Swimming – Finish on 3/19/21
  • Girls Tennis – Finish on 3/19/21
  • Football – Finish on 4/18/21
  • Cheerleading – Finish on 4/18/21
  • B/G Soccer – Finish on 4/23/21

Sports Starting on Monday April 3, 2021

  • B/G – Track and Field – Purple Tier – Finish on 5/28/21
  • Boys Golf - Purple Tier – Finish on 5/28/21
  • Boys Tennis - Purple Tier – Finish on 5/28/21
  • Baseball – Red Tier – Finish on 5/28/21
  • Softball – Red Tier -Finish on 5/28/21
  • Girls Lacrosse -– Red Tier -Finish on 5/28/21
  • Boys Lacrosse – Orange Tier – Finish on 5/28/21
  • B/G Water Polo - Orange Tier – Finish on 5/28/21

Sports Waiting to Start due to being indoors – Can not start unless County is in proper color tier

  • Badminton – Orange Tier
  • B/G – Basketball – Yellow Tier
  • B/G – Wrestling – Yellow Tier
  • B/G Volleyball – Yellow Tier

Athletic Registration and Updates

  • to register and current athletic physical to be able to start practice.
  • Updates at and

Upcoming Events

Thursday, March 4th
  • Students must check-in at the start of their 1st-period class on Zoom to be marked present for the school day.

Friday, March 5th

  • Students must check-in at the start of their 5th-period class on Zoom to be marked present for the school day.
  • 8:00 AM Gunn Student Orientation for On-Campus Learning (Link on Schoology)

Monday, March 8th

  • School Photo Day (Asynchronous)
  • 8:00 AM Gunn Student Orientation for On-Campus Learning (Link on Schoology)
  • Principal's Chat, 4:30 PM (PTSA will broadcast link)

Tuesday, March 9th

  • On-Campus Learning for Last Names A-K

Wednesday, March 10th

  • On-Campus Learning for Last Names A-K

Thursday, March 11th

  • On-Campus Learning for Last Names L-Z

Friday, March 12th

  • On-Campus Learning for Last Names L-Z

SAT School Day Schedule (April 12-16)

Gunn Foundation Scholarship

Gunn Foundation thanks all our donors who make these scholarships possible.

We are also seeking Trustees for our Board term beginning May 2021. If you would like to become more involved in supporting our students, please inquire at or by visiting our website:

To apply to join the Board, click here.

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Parent Networks

| 12th Grade Class |

Nisha Datta, Julie Dubrouillet & Laura Wingard

| 11th Grade Class |

Claire Kirner, Leena Gill, & Gunjan Gupta

| 10th Grade Class |

Annie Bedichek, Lili Nova-Roessig, & Mana Uchino

| 9th grade Class |

Elizabeth Lam, Naomi Wang, & Michelle Chen

| Special Ed/Inclusion Rep |

Momo Yanagihara & Yael Uziyel Navel

Palo Alto Partners in Education

Partners in Education (PiE): PiE raises money from parents and the community to provide all Palo Alto Unified School District students an educational experience beyond what is possible with public funding. The 2020-2021 fundraising campaign has begun. See here what PiE funds for Gunn.


The Gunn PTSA supports Gunn high school in many ways such as teacher grants, student activities, fundraising, and organizing volunteers. Please visit the Gunn PTSA website for more information.

Support for Gunn Families

If you are experiencing financial hardship as a result of COVID-19, please let your Gunn student's counselor know. If you are struggling to pay for college application fees or other college-related costs, please contact Linda Kirsch at and Leighton Lang at This is a very challenging time for some Gunn families, and the PTSA would like you to know that our community is here for you! We are all in this together and together we will make it through.