Modern technologies

which I use


I started to use facebook since 2009. I have about one thousand friends in my account. I use it everyday. Everyone will agree, that now this site is very popular.

What is good in this site? You could see in which day your friend’s birthday or find new friends. You could look other people photos or put your photo’s in your account etc. But there is and some negatives. E.g. A lot of people spent too much time there and include in the virtual life. And people even think about that they public too much private information about themselves..

Mobile phones

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I don’t remember since what age I have a mobile phone. I think it is worse than facebook, because a lot of people can’t survive without him more than minute. I use it every free minute. In mobile phone is a lot of negatives. Firstly and the most important, that it is very bad for your health. It causes of high dependency and you less communication in real life. But ofcourse it is good because you could easy communicate with people when you need. In smart phones are the internet, so you could find the information without a computer. Almost all phones have a camera, so you could take a picture in a good moment.
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Forums and other sites

Sometimes I use and other sites. E.g forum about my hobby or clothing sales pages. I think, that some sites is very beneficial because you could take some good information which you need. But not from google. There is sites only for one sport discipline or only for animal lovers. There you could communicate with other people too. In other sites or forums you could buy clothes or other object which you need or for sale the stuff. Now, I see only one negatives in such pages - there is a lot of cheaters.

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