News Flash

December 14-18

Important Events This Week:

Monday: Stone Soup items due

Tuesday: Idiom Party @ 12:45, bring props/costume to school

Wednesday: make Stone Soup with Mrs. Wolf & Mrs. Seal, Reconciliation @ 9:30 (No Mass)

Friday: Skating 9:30-11:00 (PTA is paying for roller skates. If your child wants in-line skates, he/she will need to pay an extra $1. You may bring skates from home.) Christmas movie/snacks in afternoon

What's Happening?

Math: gingerbread man glyph and graphing project

Writer's Workshop: Reindeer persuasive writing

Reading: Stone Soup, vocab & AR quiz over story on Thursday, Christmas-themed stations,

Idiom Party on Tuesday

Health: Story of My Name writing project

Spelling: no spelling this week

Religion: verse to be memorized by Thursday

Christmas in our Classroom

On Friday afternoon, we are going to watch a Christmas movie. If anyone wants to send in some fruit, cookies, or juice boxes, that would be great! Just shoot me an email if you'd like to contribute. I appreciate all you do!

As I look back on the last few months, I realize how blessed I am to have such a great group of students this year. Thank you for raising such imaginative, inquisitive kids and allowing me to teach your most precious gifts!

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2016!

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