What are several reasons children become bullies?

Often children who are dealing with difficult situations at home, such as divorce, or in school will bully others as a way to feel more important or in control of things happening in their lives. Typically, a schoolyard bully is a child who has low self-esteem and is looking to achieve popularity. Another reason is that some bullies have a strong need to dominate and subdue other students to get their own way, as well as children who are impulsive and easily angered can become bullies.

What are some reasons children might be picked?

Studies show that children who get picked on involves their inability to pick up and respond to nonverbal cues from their pals. A child, for example, simply may not notice a person’s scowl of impatience or understand what a tapped foot means. Or they may have been having trouble reconciling the desires of a friend with their own. Also, some children, because of their looks, their temperament, their language or their disposition, display what we call vulnerable behaviors.

How can you tell who a bully is?

Kids may be bullying others if they:

  • Get into physical or verbal fights

  • Have friends who bully others

  • Are increasingly aggressive

  • Get sent to the principal’s office or to detention frequently

  • Have unexplained extra money or new belongings

  • Blame others for their problems

  • Don’t accept responsibility for their actions

  • Are competitive and worry about their reputation or popularity

What are three things a person can do to stop bullies? What is good about each of them and what are the drawbacks?

If you are bullied, tell the bully is a clear, calm voice to stop. Another thing you can do to stop bullies is to try to show a bullied kid that you care by including them. Telling a parent or other trusted adult if you see bullying or are being bullied is another way to stop bullies. Each of these points help stop the bully by showing them that you won’t allow it to continue happening. Telling the bully to stop may provoke a violent response in them, so walking away can be the alternative option if that occurs. If the bully tries to harm you as well, as result of caring for the bullied child, tell an adult immediately.

Who else can stop the bullying? What are some ways they can help?

Educators, parents, and principals can all help stop bullying. Teachers can create a safe and supportive classroom environment and manage classrooms to prevent bullying. By reinforcing a strict anti-bullying classroom, they can prevent it from happening. Parents should learn to recognize the warning signs of of bullying and keep an open communication with their child. Many children don’t ask for help, so it’s important to know what to look for. Principals can hold anti-bullying assembles to show that they have zero tolerance for that kind of behavior. They can also set up a school program that is specially designed to help the bullied speak out.


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